What species was Yoda?

I’m sure it was addressed in some novel somewhere. Was Dagobah his home planet? Was there ever a Mrs. Yoda? Was he born or hatched? I think a book about his childhood would be interesting (so long as George Lucas had absolutely nothing to do with it).

It says here that Yoda is a “Whill” from the planet Grentarik.

Well…depending on what part of the EU you refer to…Yoda is either a) species unknown, b) a Whill, or c) Muppettus Rejectus. :smiley:

Personally, I think he is Miss Piggy’s illegitimate father.

That link also says that, “Lucas plans to begin production of Episode 7 by 2014

Say wha…??

As an aside, if that were true, and we get to 2014 and the technology has advanced to the point where digital humans have broken from the uncanny valley and hear Lucas say he never really made a Star Wars the way he wanted because “the technology was not available up until now”, I’ll believe him. I think we would all believe him. :stuck_out_tongue:

By that point we may have not just computer generated actors, but primitive computer generated acting.

Which well may be an improvement.

Er, replace the word “actors” with “characters”.

Hate it when I ruin a joke like that.

And that was supposed to be a sub tag not a url tag.

I’m going to bed now. :smack:

Yeah, I think it can safely be said that that site is not any kind of authority on Star Wars information.

His species and homeworld are officially unknown, according to starwars.com.

Wouldn’t trust the Whill thing. That FAQ says his last name is D’Kana, but I distinctly remember that his name was Yoda Dracoda, at least it was when Empire came out.

Where did I see that though? On the Kenner toys packaging? He had a little orange plastic snake, heh. Yoda Dracoda though, definitely.
Anyone else remember that?

No, but I do remember the little snake.

According to Wikipedia Yoda’s race is unknown and Lucas denies the Whill connection.