What sports do you watch on TV?

MANY voting options to come so be patient with me.
I’m only going to include (mostly) US, contact sports that are played with a ball. I’m sorry if you feel left out or if this is unfair.

Or a puck :slight_smile:

wow, what a great job giving so many options… :slight_smile:

I pretty much only watch Olympic hockey. I’m really not a sports guy, but I kind of like Olympic hockey (as long as the Canadian teams are still in the running) for some reason. For anything else, you folks enjoy, but count me out.

I’ll watch baseball, no particular team.

Also track meets, marathons, etc.

By “Hockey”, I take it you mean field hockey, which includes a ball, and not ice hockey, which doesn’t? I didn’t realize there was also a Stanley Cup for field hockey.

No golf?

Well, golf isn’t really a contact sport, haha.

I watch tennis, cycling, and motorbike racing, none of which meet your criteria.

Always watch football. Will watch baseball when it’s my team or the playoffs, same with college basketball and football.

Will watch soccer if it’s on and nothing else really is. Nothing against soccer, I just don’t follow anyone specific (other than Orlando City) and not knowing a single damn player takes me out of the game. LOVE the World Cup.

I’ll generally watch olympic sports too

I watch football regularly of my own choice. I enjoy March Madness, but don’t watch it religiously. As a kid, hockey was a never miss.

Sports that don’t count: I watch golf under duress (:slight_smile: my husband is an avid fan, and I enjoy it much more than I used to). I love watching tennis, but it’s not on a regular enough schedule that I always catch it.

I watch Hockey (LetsGoBlues!) and anything I can find regarding Long Distance SledDog Racing…I suppose the dogs occasionally chase a ball.:roll eyes:
Versus used to be very good for Iditarod coverage, these days most comes via the Interwebs and forums.

Mush on!


The only sport I will take the time to sit and watch on a regular basis is NASCAR racing. Even then, if I have something else I would rather be doing, I will do that instead. I will watch the Super Bowl till I get bored.

I felt it fair only to respond to two Football choices: American and College. I wasn’t sure how American differed from College, so I answered both.

I mostly watch SEC games, but if the stakes are high for one of the Top 25 (or so) teams, I may watch that.

My pro team (Titans) has been so poor the past few years that I don’t waste my time on them.

Other sports TV programs are catch-as-catch-can and nothing close to regular. All this has developed over the past decade or so: I used to watch a lot of TV sports. Too much advertising and hype to suit me these days. I blame ESPN! :slight_smile:

I watch Major League Baseball and NHL Hockey almost every single day during the seasons, I subscribe to the league passes for both. I watch more NFL football starting after Halloween when the weather turns colder and there’s less going on during weekends, I skipped most of the Thursday night and Monday night games unless they involve the Cardinals. I watch the Premier League Saturday and Sunday mornings during the season. College baseball I tend to watch before MLB season starts. My interest in the NBA and college basketball has dropped considerably over the past few years, I barely even pay attention.

I like college hoops, but I don’t schedule any specific time to watch. If it’s on I may watch… I can take it or leave it. ACC tourney could be an exception, but only if there’s a social aspect to it.

The only thing I’ll schedule time around is the occasional F1 or MotoGP race when we get the boys together to point and laugh at the screen.

None at all not an option?

It seems to me that it is as much a contact sport as baseball.

I’ll watch the GB Packers, but will skip if something activity or event
Ditto UW Basketball (the main reason I watched was because I was at UW Platteville tat the same time as Bo Ryan. May continue to watch (or at least have on while I do other stuff)

I’ll watch the Olympics.

I like bicycling, but most bike races aren’t fun to watch live – I actually like the 1 hour summary shows)


The Dodgers, the Padres and the Olympics. That’s about it.