What Stephen King story should Stephen Spielberg direct?

My wife asked this, and it seemed such an obvious SDMB question that, well, here I am.

What SK story (novel, short story, etc) would you think is best suited for Spielberg? Spielberg had never directed a King story, so we need to make sure we can offer him proper guidance when he logs in here and asks us.

“On Writing”


Something that would be a real challenge to make a two-hour film out of.


“Survivor Type” - Blokes eats himself on a desert island
“The Jaunt” - an uncountable number of years pass, but essentially nothing happens

Book: The unedited Stand. With Whoopi as Mother Abigail

Short story: Quitters, Inc.

His short story Jerusalem’s Lot. Scared the willies out of me, as badly as some scenes from Pet Sematary did.

Note that this is not the more famous novel, 'Salem’s Lot, an interesting book in its own right. But it was not as good as the quite different short story was.

…with Gary Sinise reprising his role.

Done on Hulu already but 11/22/63 would be a good Spielberg project.

The Long Walk, almost certainly.

Ooh! Great idea!

The Long Walk or The Talisman

Steven Spielberg does own the film rights for The Talisman, but hasn’t done crap with them in 30 years. :mad:

The Stand but only in the Band of Brothers miniseries format.

If anyone’s going to make The Eyes of the Dragon, he’s probably the best choice.

Ugh you a-holes already picked the good ones. So among what’s left and hasn’t already been made into something… I’ll go with the latest, Sleeping Beauties. With the right director and/or adapted screenplay it could be quite lovely. If it’s with the wrong ones, it’ll go in the King-movie clunker drawer.

Or maybe a series of stories within one larger movie from the story-telling club. “It is the tale not he who tells it.” Breathing Method, Man Who Won’t (wouldn’t?) Shake Hands. Stephen the creepy manservant, etc.

The Raft


Nah, that’s more like a Guillermo del Toro film.

Throwing my bid in for The Long Walk as well.

I just really want this filmed.

Oh yes. Good choice.

I want to see Spielberg remake Firestarter, with whoever the cute moppet of the day will be.

Why do you hate Drew Barrymore?