What stereotypes do you perpetuate?

Some say stereotypes exist because they have some kernel of Truth (with a capital T.) I agree, but think such Truths are more about the eye of the beholder than the behold-ee, and anyone who wishes to discuss that is welcome to go start a thread in GD about it. This is intended as a fun thread for all of us to mock ourselves a bit. So - are you a soccer mom who drives a minivan? A big-pants, hip-hop kid who hangs out at the local mall? A bonafide pocket-protector nerd with tape on your glasses? College student who attends political protests and drinks too much on weekends? A gay guy with exceptionally good fashion sense? What is it about you that occasionally makes you go, “Oh. I just perpetuated a stereotype.” And… what stereotypes do you defy?

Me, I’m a middle-aged suburban stay-at-home mom. I generally vote along conservative Democrat lines, I’m on the parent-teacher organization and I cook with Campbell’s soup far oftener than I’d care to admit. I have become mildly geezerish, yelling at neighbor’s kids to get off my lawn from my kitchen door. I used to drive a minivan, but now I drive a plain ol’ sensible Saturn sedan. I call local companies and notify them when their outdoor flags need replacing.

But - I wear high heels almost all the time as opposed to tennis shoes, I occasionally dye my hair funky colors like purple, I listen to more punk music than I do Celine Dion, I don’t watch sitcoms, I don’t diet and I NEVER attend home shopping parties.

I’m a Poor Single Mother. I live in low-income apartments, I drive a 15 year-old car, my kids get Free Lunch. I shop at Super K-Mart (because I hate Walmart), I sometimes make things like hamburger gravy over rice to stretch the grocery money, I buy our clothes mostly at thrift stores.

However, I don’t get a dime of assistance from the state, I work really hard, and I’m fairly intelligent. I know how to act appropriately, I don’t have “uncles” constantly going in and out, my children and exceptionally polite and well-behaved.

I am a jolly fat man.

You know the one about Canadians being overly polite and modest to the point that it annoys everyone? I perpetuate that stereotype.

I’m an energetic and snarky redhead, a Pacific Northwest coffee chugger, a thrifty college student (although that’s more by necessity than anything else :)) and (okay, this one I’m a little embarrassed about) a young woman who LOVES pink.

I’m a gay man who shrieks like a little girl when excited or scared. I was, up until a couple of years ago, the creepy introverted geek ala Napoleon Dynamite (more Kip than Napoleon). I’m the skinny guy who eats quite a lot of junk food and doesn’t gain a pound. I was the good little Catholic boy at one time.

Those are just off the top of my head

Hello, I’m a dad and I say “Go ask your mother” way too often.

Damn it, mommy is home with the kids and she just does more stuff around here! I’m not that lazy! Really.

I am a femme, frequently outrageous, committedly non-monogamous gay man who loves drag shows and the Pet Shop Boys, dances with my hands, was an unathletic loner as a kid, and who keeps cats. After I get my cheques for the last two translations, we’ll see if we can’t get the apartment up to speed :slight_smile:

As a Canadian, I am left-wing, in favour of gay marriage, have been known to smoke pot, am fluently bilingual, and frequently apologize to people for stepping on my feet.

As a Quebecer, I am libertine, more left-wing than most Canadians, and … uh… I like poutine and smoked meat.

As a translator, I am very anal-retentive about grammar.

Like pokey, I am the stereotypically meek Canadian, one of those people who stops at the red light at the empty intersection in the middle of nowhere, waiting for the light to change.

I am a gay male theater-queen. I love showtunes. I’m also non-monogamous (as is my partner…duh…) and would, if I had the energy and the body, probably be VERY promiscuous…

I just have to add that there’s no “probably” about it. I have a history, back when I was young and cute and not anywhere near as fat as I am now…

Which reminds me (“fat as I am…”), I’m also a Judy fan, a Bette Midler fan, and a Madonna fan. You can cut the stereotypes with a knife around here…

I am an overage mama’s boy with an unsatisfying social life who posts to a lot of message boards.

One doesn’t have to fit the whole stereotype, does one?

I’m a Texan and I like guns and beer, though not at the same time. I’m loud and boisterous, but I’m also polite to the ladies and if you say that about mah momma again we’ll have to step outside.

On the other hand I’m a bigot or a homophobe and I don’t have boots, spurs, or a ten gallon hat. Unfortunately that’s what people here in OH think about Texans so I am forced to defend my great state more often than not. :smack:

One or the other? A guessing game! Great! OK … hmm … could you give us a hint?

I’m a Trekkie virgin; a sometimes overemotional bi man that likes romantic comedies; and your typical angry young liberal although that’s died down since November when I just stopped caring.

I perpetuate the stereotype that tall men are charming. Sorry, I can’t help it. Men in fedoras have a certain jenna say kwa, even if they don’t speak French worth a peso. :cool:

Virgin wallflower geek/nerd. I meticulously research things for fun, I’ve replaced or augmented most of the major components in my computer, and I’ve never been on a date.

I’m also a struggling would-be author who agonizes over whether or not he’s just a hack who’ll never make any money. I’ve already got the facial stubble, I just need to get a battered fedora and a bad drinking/smoking habit.

I’m a long-haired bearded ultra-liberal pot-smoking sandal-wearing tree-hugging musician without a day job.

I’m also a compulsively on-time, uptight, anal-retentive, list-makin’, order shoutin’ wheelin’ and dealin’, coffee-chugging concert promoter & manager.

Wow, two opposite stereotypes at once. No wonder I’m a mess… :wink:

No you’re not. Neither a bigot nor a homophobe would admit to it.

Oh, and as a New Democrat, I drink way too much coffee, fight lost-cause elections, am a university student, insist on the use of gender-neutral language in both official languages, and don’t have a steady job :slight_smile: