In what ways are you most like the stereotype of your opposite orientation or gender?

What ways are you most like the stereotype of another gender or orientation than your own? And yep- I freely admit I’m dealing with stereotypes of what a gay-man/straight-man/woman/lesbian/etc. is like, so no hijacking please.:wink:

So for example, if you’re a she-Doper who loves building things with power tools, or a straight he-Doper who’s paid more than $400 for a pair of designer shoes, or a gay-Doper who loves tractor pulls, plop it here.

For me—

I’m a gay man. I’m most like the gay male stereotype in that I like showtunes, easy listening, and even Barbra in moderation (singing only- “even though I’m a Democrat would you PLEASE SHUT UP ABOUT POLITICS!”), and that I have absolutely no interest in sports. The “straightest” or “least gay” things about me in terms of stereotypes would be:

–I have no sense of and less interest in fashion
–I’m as far from being a neat freak as you can get without haz-mat guys coming to your house
–Can’t stand techno-music (it literally gives me a headache)
–Get that damned California chardonnay away from me and pour me a whiskey and Coke
–Love guns/own several
–My guiding philosophies of interior decoration are “how much does it cost?” and “put it over there, or somewhere… if I need it somewhere else I’ll move it”
My “girliest” qualities… hmmm…

–I love textures (Egyptian cotton, silk, etc.) and scents (e.g. candles, bath oils)
–I love romantic art (Waterhouse, for instance) and music (Loreena McKennitt is one of my favorite humans)
–Would far rather cuddle at home than go partying or drinking
So what are some of your ‘alternate’ gender stereotype qualities?

I’m a mess of wrong stereotype. Until I got married and started wearing a wedding band most of my coworkers thought I was a lesbian. I actually got fired from a job for being a lesbian. I drive a pick-up and wear comfy shoes. No make-up, and due a profound lack of fashion sense, wear jeans and button down shirts all the time.

Ways in which I’m “the guy”:

I’m not big on cuddling after sex. Too hot. I find a really light touch of palm to palm really wonderful, but when you’re done, off please!

I’m big into logic and low on emotion. The reason I don’t like to talk about my feelings is that I rarely have any. My flat affect is not an affect.

I like to argue for argument’s sake, even if neither of us knows what the hell we’re talking about. Emotional arguments are cheating, however.

I very rarely cry at movies or television shows. (Long distance commercials are another matter.)

If you ask me if your ass looks fat in that outfit, I have a really hard time lying to you.

Casual sex is awesome. Friends with benefits rock.

Don’t make me decide where to have dinner/what color paint to buy/whose family to spend Christmas Day with, please. Just tell me where to show up and what to do and I’ll do it. If I have an opinion, you’ll know about it. If I haven’t said anything, it’s safe to assume I really don’t give a shit.

I love meat. Steak is the best food ever.

I really want a Fubar, even though I don’t have anything to demolish.

I live with one of my classmates from high school, and I’d really like to put this in the alumni magazine, though for some reason, he doesn’t share my enthusiasm:

100% true, but we’re both pretty low on the Kinsey scale.

I’m a straight male.

The first thing I thought of was my arms. I sometimes hold them in mincy positions. I keep my nails long (for a perfectly good reason)

I would go as far as to say that I am capable of finding certain males easy on the eye, but I will qualify that I feel a bit conflicted and awkward about it.

Some might say that my taste in music is extremely Gay.

Are your beards twins or just both blonde?:wink:

Touché. (Oh yeah, I took French.)

I’m a straight woman.

I love spiders, most insects, snakes, slugs, frogs, and dinosaurs.

I do very little housework. I love building things and fixing things.

I am direct. I rarely flirt, but I almost always make the first move. Sex is generally not an emotional connection thing, just something that satisfies a physical desire. This is generally the truth whether I’m in love with the person I’ve having sex with or not.

I have a temper.

How YOU doin?

edit: We might live in a very messy house. It depends on whether my OCD is more powerful than my natural male slobbishness.

Straight, married, blonde girly girl here…

I will not ask for directions. Ever. What can I say? Most people suck at giving them - their memories of landmarks is fuzzy, their spatial knowledge blows and they have no idea what streets in their own town are named. Gimme my Thomas guide and let me find it myself!

Steak! Steak! Steaks! - why yes, I do enjoy red meat.

I have never voluntarily ordered a diet coke. Or a low-fat, low carb, low cal diet whatever.

I feel most at home working in the construction industry.

Oh yeah, and I go by the name “Jimmy” on message boards:p

HOWEVER - I can’t resist Sephora (the makeup/perfume mega store, for those unfamiliar with it). I love makeup, and my nails are always done. I’ve had some jobs that required wearing leather safety gloves, (like for handling lumber and building materials) and I loved taking them off and surprising people with my delicate little hands with carefully painted fingernails. My hair may have been caked with sweat and sawdust, but my manicure is AWESOME.

I’m a straight male.

I get choked up and sometimes cry like a little girl at sappy, manipulative emotional scenes in movies. It can happen whether it’s great drama or total cheese but it’s not predictable. I can be a flinty eyed stoic through a gut wrenching emotional scene and then tear up at a stupid commercial. Sometimes happens in real life events too.

Other than that I’m pretty macho.

I’m a straight male, but I love musicals, especially Broadway, I’m a theatre major, and I love to dance, especially swing and waltz. And though my own clothing is pretty bland, I love standing outside fashionable clothing stores and critiquing the clothes on display.

Straight girl,

I like action-adventure movies. Not so much car wrecks and violence, but quests for treasure and so forth. I also love horror movies as long as they’re the paranormal/supernatural sorts rather than what people have dubbed “torture porn.”

I’m direct and have a bone dry, sarcastic, sense of humor that either alarms people or makes them laugh. I haven’t been particularly sweet or cuddly since kindergarten.

Like WhyNot, I’m a strong logic, weak emotion type of person. If you make me to the Briggs-Myers personality sorter, I always get INTJ. Only a couple % of people do. Most of those people are guys. Most people, but especially women, seem to attach emotion to a whole lot more things than I do, and they’re usually not as independent as I am which has them looking for people to affirm their views which strikes me as alien. I occasionally hurt feelings by pointing out plans aren’t logical, and I’m not nurturing enough to suit needy people. And apparently it’s a sin to remain emotionally uninvolved with workplace scruff ups, even if you really don’t have any emotional response to them :frowning: On the other hand, my male coworkers like these things about me.

Cats are nice, dogs are better, but the best animals ever are turtles, squirrels and jellyfish. I sense that women are supposed to love things with big eyes and soft fur.

I never drag people shoe shopping. If you include boots, I probably own half a dozen pairs of footwear at any given time. I’ve never in my life looked at something meant to go on my foot and thought that it’s “cute.”

On the other hand, I often cry over movies and news stories, I enjoy doing crafts, like scented candles and stuffed animals, spend a small fortune on shampoos and conditioners, and my favorite game is The Sims 2, so I feel secure in my womanhood :slight_smile:

Funny you should ask. Sometime ago I requested one of my friends to say the following at my funeral:

“Kunilou loved show tunes, had a great fashion sense and could dish with the best. Who would have thought he was straight?”

Straight female, and I’ll gladly admit I’m manly in some ways:

If there’s a problem, I want to fix it. I know my way around a toolbox fairly well, although my carpentry skills leave something to be desired. If I don’t need more than 3 hands, no one else is invited to the party. The last time my husband did the brakes on the car, I made him teach me how. I like working with my hands.

I’d rather cut my eyes out with a spoon than go to a wedding, much less BE in one (we eloped). Same for bridal or baby showers. I end up having to go to the fucking things because it would be unseemly to my husband’s side of the family for me not to. When I am frogmarched into the damned things, I play the games to win. And I do, without apology.

I hate chick-flicks.

I like stuff that goes fast. When I was a little girl, I had an IOMTT pencil case. Loved that thing, wish I still had it.

No, I don’t love babies. No, not even yours. No, not even if I had one, because I won’t.

Oh, and I can hold my own in a bar fight.

Sorry, another ETA: I have been accused of being a lesbian all my life. I gave it my best shot, but no, I really like men. :smiley:

Me too. I don’t weep and oddly enough I haven’t cried in other situation since I was a child ( i.e. I’m pretty stoic in all other ways in RL ). But I can quietly leak at even the worst of movies. It can be slightly humiliating - a female friend once teased me unmercifully for getting a little wet during the honorary Oscar scene in Chaplin which we were watching on cable. I claimed it was aftereffects of a flu and the cold medicine I was on :D.

Also…I like those girly scented candles. And I’m a snob about them. I pretty much only like the expensive Yankee Candles - “cinnamon stick”, “pumpkin pie”, “vanilla cupcake”, other spiced varieties, some strong fruit ones. But never flower scents, potpurri-type odors - I loathe potpurri, weird shit like “fresh linen”, etc… I’m actually not too shy about it. I happily refer to it as my ‘girly affectation’.

Straight male:

—I like really girly music: Aqua-esque Eurodance, happy hardcore trance, etc.
However, I’m also nothing like the stereotype of people who listen to such music.
—If I had my way about things, I would definitely rather be in the group who is approached for romantic interaction, rather than being approached.
—I don’t love fashion per se, but I do love to dress up in a nice suit and tie. I don’t understand why everyone is supposed to hate it.
—Seconding Lobsang, I cross my legs in a twisting manner instead of placing one ankle on top of the other knee, and I can’t stand having fingernails with absolutely no white in them.
—I hate having hairy legs and arms, and I would shave my legs if it weren’t the stereotypically gay thing to do.

Vox Imperatoris

Straight girl here.

I love putting things together, and i especially enjoy repairing my bicycle, or trying to repair it at least.

I don’t mind bugs.

I only own a few pairs of shoes and hate shoe shopping – although, since I have humongous feet, it’s always an ordeal.

I have boy-short hair.
Vox Imperatoris: I know a few straight guys that shave their legs. Just pretend you’re a cyclist.

I am a very straight male. I cry a lot too even when I really, really don’t want to. I have a bad temper and cry when I have to suppress it in situations like work. At one point, prominent gay, older, men in New Orleans were some of my only friends. Most of them seemed straight at first glance and one was a news anchor.

I don’t like most straight men at all and I rarely want to hang out with them. I hate most sports and would rather be alone as opposed to being in a room full of jocks. I would always pick a random female or a gay (masculine) male to hang out with. Hanging out with straight males makes me feel gay oddly enough.

I’m a straight man, but I’m horrible at any sport that requires strength or hand-eye coordination. I can barely even hit a slow-pitch softball.