What T.V. show house did you want to live in?

When I was a kid I loved the Brady Bunch house, although their staircase bothered me. It looked like a small child could fall out the back of it. And those ugly couch things in the den would have to go.

Maybe this should go to another thread, but it fits here.
The Addams Family mansion, definitely.
(although, I always like Grandpa Munster’s laboratory, too…)

I always liked the house in Family. I liked the back staircase to the kitchen and the swell guest house that whatshername - Meridith Baxter Birney’s character - lived in, and then Willie after MBB moved out.

I’ll second the Munsters house, but only if I get to keep Spot under the stairs.

The Ewings’ house on Dallas. Southfork?

However, without Ewings, and not in Texas.

I’m partial to the Robin Masters’ estate in Hawaii from Magnum P.I.

Phillip Drummond’s Upper East Side penthouse from Diff’rent Strokes.

(Assumes a cast-free existence, of course).

The title venue from Deep Space Nine. A nice little pad on level three of the habitat ring would do just fine.

Stately Wayne Manor WITH Alfred, whose first job would be to remove all those Bat signs from the cave.

The house on The West Wing would be pretty cool.

My one great criticism of houses is that they are so very stationary.

The houseboat on “Surf-Side Six” was neat, but I’m leaning toward the train car on “Wild, Wild West”.

Then again the schooner on “Adventures in Paradise” was really nice.

Nope, I’ve decided. It’s the Tardis from “Dr. Who”. You not only get to decide where you’ll be living, but when. Not to mention you can change the external form at the drop of a floppy brimmed hat, although the police call-box design never really goes out of style, does it?

The Skypad Appartments on the Jetsons.

Darren and Samantha’s house on Bewitched have that same back staircase, which I always thought was quite cool. Unfortunately, such floorplans lost favor after World War II.

Along the same lines, the apartment shared by Oscar Madison and Felix Unger in The Odd Couple … the old apartment, with the secondary entrance and the dumbwaiter.

Slight HiJack

Has anyone besides me noticed that the house on Bewitched is the same house as Dr. Bellows’ on I Dream of Jeannie? Take a close look…it’s the same set…

As far as fave house, or house I would want to live in…
The Brady Bunch house…but with 21st century updates…the avocado color scheme has GOT to go…

The house I live in right now bears a vague resemblence to the house on Malcolm in the Middle, complete with dead grass on the front lawn.

The house from “I Love Lucy” when they moved out to the country would be pretty nice.

One of 2 mansions. The Beverly Hillbillies’ or the Addams Family’s. I like that the Clampet’s place has a pool (excuse me… “cement pond”), and a huge front lawn with big gates and all. But then again, the Addam’s place has more cool things than I can even mention. Does it come with all of the furnishings? And Thing, gotta have Thing.

Either Frasier Crane’s apartment, or the Satellite of Love from MST3k…or maybe Deep 13. It always seemed cozy.

(Or Castle Grayskull)

I’d say it’s a tie between the house on Webster (hello?! Secret Passageway, anyone?) and the one on Silver Spoons, complete with duck telephone.