What tabs do you have open right now? (I'm bored)

It’s a snow day. I’m looking for amusement however banal. So what web sites do you have up right now?

I have A&E Hoarders video, A preview of the coupons that will be in the Sunday paper this year, an article about Yahweh smiting the Philistines with hemorrhoids (and them making amends to Him by returning the Ark with five golden hemorrhoids and five golden mice in it), Alton Brown’s scones recipe, Knitty’s mitten tutorial, and the registration page for the school science fair. Eclectic enough for ya?

What are you guys surfing today?

I’m at work on a computer which has IE v6.0… so I have the SDMB open but no tabs :mad:

I’ve got 27 tabs open. Various messageboards, an online game, job applications, news, and more.

A few tabs for SDMB threads,a few tabs for XpertEleven (a browser based soccer manager game), the Netflix new arrivals page, and CNN’s front page.

GMail, Facebook, the IMHO forum, and this thread.

I don’t keep a lot of tabs open unless I’ve got a lot of SDMB threads open, or at a site like TVTropes.

Facebook, Daily Mail, Drudge Report, Weather Underground, Amazon

Gmail, SDMB, Blackboard Learning System (school stuff), Facebook. That’s it for now. I typically have these 4 open and will occasionally open and close a 5th page.

Facebook, Giraffeboards, SDMB, ESPN Fantasy Football

This page, recipe for Snobby Joes recommended in Cafe Society, contact details for a cab company. On my iphone it’s SMDB, kellymom (breastfeeding site for a friend) and The Age website.

SDMB, Digg.com, various other pages opened from Digg

Just this one and the IMHO forum page. How can you people stand having so many tabs open?


A page for where to find Christmas lights in our area, an Arby’s menu page and eBay, in addition to this one.

For me it’s often a reminder or placeholder. I need to remember to talk about the science fair with Chloe, so that tab is up. Or I want to check back in with something again and again as the day goes on. So Facebook and Calorie King are up this morning.

And now Giraffe Boards, which I had totally forgotten about!

This one, my Tumblr page, my Facebook & the NZ Herald.

Gmail (mod account), SDMB (this thread), Twitter, Facebook (specifically a scrabble game I just took a move in), a cool link I started an OP in MPSIMS about, SEPTA (Philly mass transit, checking train schedules), local indie movie theater (day off, I was checking times for a matinee I want to see, thus SEPTA – I don’t know the weekday non-rush-hour schedule by heart).

The first four are always open on this (home) machine, I tend to close other tabs before I log off.


Dope and http://1music.ro/onlinetv/

I have a friend who programs for it, and I may have some Romanian sink in. At least the commercials can be amusing =)

From left to right:

An old SDMB thread I’m rereading
This thread
A huffingtonpost.com article
Yahoo Mail
The “trouble ticket” page for IX Web Hosting (funny how the trouble ticket page is the one of theirs I have open most often. Could it be, just maybe, that they’re the biggest fucktards in the web hosting business?)
Another webmail program

“Straight Dope Message Board - Reply to Topic”
“Christmas at the Front - Veterans Affairs Canada”
“DEA Diversion Control - Information and Legal Resources”

The first is obvious, the second is still open from when I was in Facebook and looked at a link posted by a vet, and the third is from poking around as a result of reading the post about hard and soft drugs.

Nytimes ,Sdmb,Justin.tv,Daikin corporate website.