What technology would you like to see completely abolished?

Sometimes “progress” can bring some very annoying items that don’t really seem to solve any problems but create a host of little annoyances. For example, one of my pet peeves is the new credit card systems where they want you to sign a touch screen. It’s next to impossible to correctly put your signature on that thing. Every time I see one, I always ask for a paper slip to sign instead. Today I encounted one at Lowe’s that, as well as being impossible to sign (they didn’t have any paper slip they could print, for some reason), would completely ignore me when I pressed the button (on the touch screen) to indicate I’d completed my signature. I very nearly took the stylus and stabbed it through the screen. What are your pet peeves of modern technology?

If you hate voice mail, press “1”
if you hate people who use voice mail to avoid calls,press"2"
If you hate listeninng to music while on hold,press"3"
you have pressed"1"

if you hate listening to sub menus,press “1”
if you know the extension of the person you are calling,press"2"
if you want to talk to a real live person please stay on the line and an operator will take your call in the order it was recieved.


At my sweety’s workplace, they used to have to punch a time clock. Now they have a new “electronic” time clock. The guys have to put their hand down on a plate and it “reads” who it is, and clocks them in. The secretary down at City Hall can “query” the thing and see who is clocked in and who isn’t.

He hates the thing for a couple of reasons:

  1. Germs. Seriously. Do you want to touch something that 40 other sweaty men had their hands on? Ew.

  2. Big Brother syndrome. Like a lot of electronic devices, the clock sometimes errs. So the lady at City Hall will call and say " You’re not clocked in! Did you forget? Are you doing this right?" Evidently she spends a large part of her day “querying” the clock and harassing the guys about it.

  3. Getting paid for what you worked. Sometimes an emergency call comes in the middle of the night. Those hours have to be reported on a separate, paper form. It’s a chore making sure they are tallied up with the rest.

I wish they’d get rid of the pesky thing. But, hey! Only 4 more years and we won’t have to worry about it.

The following machines/technologies should disappear from the face of the earth, and near earth orbit:

  1. Rhythm machines
  2. Chrysler PT Cruisers
  3. Nuclear warheads
  4. Rubik’s Cubes
  5. Those big adhesive-pad rodent traps
  6. The surgical techniques used to rebuild Michael Jackson
  7. VHS recorders (now that we have digital)
  8. Dot matrix line printers
  9. Cheese hats

[ul] ** Telephones**[/ul]

:mad: [sup]Bah, humbug[/sup]

Just in case my point is missed, I must explain. Many of the things mentioned above will actually die out or be improved, so they are part of the developmental process. Only something as basic as the telephone would really count as something worthy of wanting to see abolished.

Cars. Privately owned cars, anyway. I’m hoping the city of the future will have a kick-ass light rail system, a lot of bicycles, and the occasional taxi.

that sing “Take me to the river.”

Cheese hats won’t die. They must be rooted out and destroyed!

The “hands free” cell phone attachments. I’m sick and tired of seeing a supposedly insane person walking down the aisle of the grocery store saying “SO I TOLD HIM, BOY, IF YOU GOT THE HEMMEROIDS THEN YOU’S GOT TO BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH.” I always fear for my life before I realise they’re merely having a phone conversation, albiet an insanely private one at a volume 3x louder than appropriate.

Are lawyers considered a technology?

Ringtones on cellphones.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Cable Television

Television. The CRT has it’s uses, but if TV would go away I’m sure the world would be a better place.

Car alarms! They go off falsely all the time, and it almost makes one wish the damn car WOULD be stolen so that the rest of us don’t lose our hearing, can go back to sleep in the middle of the night, etc., etc.!:mad:

How did we manage to get fifteen posts without anyone mentioning pop-up ads?

POP-UP ADS!!! And those stealth parasite programs that self-install and cause even more pop-up ads - usually of a dubious nature. They should be outlawed!

Cell phones.


Automated telephone systems - I always press zero for the operator the first chance I get, or, some systems will automatically transfer you to an operator if you don’t press anything.

The internal combustine engine.

Boy, I’m just so goddamn sick and tired of the wheel…