What temperature is "Hot as F***"

Please end the debate!!!

Anything over 29ºC (about 110ºF) is hot as fuck. Once you hit 31ºC (about 114ºF) it’s hot as a motherfucker.

Yeah, that sounds about right.

Yup, I’ll buy that.

Next - cold as fuck! I’d say anything below -25º C (-13º F). That’s friggin’ cold.

Naw, its either :

Hot enough that you get flash steam from your flesh when you touch it (parts of a charcoal grill for example)


Hot enough that your skin is instantly surface charred when you touch it (think red hot electric burners on a stove)

No, hot and cold as fuck are weather temperatures, not cooking temperatures.

Your conversions are off. 29ºC-31ºC is only about 85ºF-87ºF and is not very hot at all.

Isn’t the next logical step in the continuum “hot as balls?” That would be…96.6F?

haha your right; I was using the wrong conversion :smack:

That should be 43ºC and 45.5ºC.

gj catching that; thx
(I normally use metric measurements, but when I was reading this thread I was talking to my buddy, Blue Elk, and I asked him what he thought was right. He gave me ºF and I agreed with him on those numbers, then went for my calculator to convert. And botched the math lol.)

I still like 29ºC at hot as fuck. If I’m lucky I’ll never experience 43ºC.

Yeah, here in the desert, I’d say anything over 110 is hot. I like the 100 degree days with the very low humidity, but once you start getting to 110-120 or so, that is hot.

Better than rain.

As someone who has spent extended periods of time (30 minutes +) in 130 deg F temperatures, in full safety gear (long sleeves, steel toed boots, gloves, blue jeans, hard hat, respirator, safety goggles and earplugs), I can assure you that 130 deg F, is definitely hotter than F***.

I used to work in a smelter.

I’ve been in -100 wind chills a couple of times. That was definitely at least as cold as fuck, maybe colder.

When the temperature gets to 35 or so, I start to think of it as really hot.

Oh you are such a wuss Cuncator. It’s not really hot until it gets to 36. :smiley:

Last summer we had 12 consecutive days when the temperature stayed over 40c (daytime temps) and got up as high as 47 on two of them. Now THAT was hot as fuck.

Unfortunately, this year is promising more of the same. Unheard of heatwaves in November have now been heard of. When summer really hits, it’s gonna be a doozie. :rolleyes:

Oh thats right.

Those are hot as shit temps. Or GD hot if your a damn heathen.

Kuwait, summer, on the gulf: over 120F with extremely high humidity. Paperback books left outside for a few hours in the daytime swell up. Some alloys of stainless steel get rusty finger prints where you touched it. Gloves are required to pick up metal items during the day time. Drinking over two gallons of liquids a day and only pissing twice in a twenty four hour time period. Deep, rich colored urine. Went to supply and got a new pair of boots because the suede is white and hard as plastic from all the sweat.

Hot as fuck.

It recalibrates the “hot-as-fuck” metric.

Other than that subsidized life experience, I agree with Snowboarder Bo’s definition.

92 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s when people start to kill.

Not sure, but it’s no where near as hot as hell.

You’ve got to figure in humidity or it’s an inconsistent answer. 87-90 is nice with low humidity but add some humidity in and the most mundane things can become unbearable.

Where I live it’s almost always 87-93 F, for at least 6-9 months of the year, but at the humidity varies your perception of that temperature range changes. It’s also impacted by how much of the day is that hot. During August it never gets much below 85 F and it’s a bitch. In late fall and spring it might hit those temps for a while but will cool down nicely in the evening, which is refreshing.