What? The Big Mac has been around a year longer than I?

It was Aug. 22, 1967, when Jim Delligatti served his first Big Macs at his McDonald’s restaurant in his native Uniontown. It sold for 45 cents.

The Big Mac has been around 17 years longer than I? Damn.

For some reason, the first thing that popped into my head was Don Gorske, the gentleman made famous in the film Super Size Me who has eaten at least one Big Mac every day since 1972- over 40,000 in all. Despite this fact, he is not fat. Happy 40th, Big Mac!

Twoallbeefpattiesspecialsaucelettucecheesepicklesonionsonasesameseedbun® (Fact: the trademark application for this slogan says it refers to “a Hamburger Sandwich for Consumption On or Off the Premises.” It is also trademarked in Spanish: “DOSRACIONESDECARNESALSAESPECIALLECHUGAQUESOPEPINILLOSCEBOLLASENUNPANCONAJONJOLI®.”

Mr. Delligatti’s memory, at 89, is probably growing dim. He actually advertised the “Big Mac” for sale at his McDonald’s in the Uniontown shopping center by at least April 28, 1967. He advertised it in the Uniontown paper on that day.

What? I was only ten when the Big Mac debuted? I thought I was older. I know I never ate one until high school.

Old lady! I was but two.

Why worry? They will be around for thousands of years after you’re dead.

I share my birthday with the Big Mac. Not the year, just the day.

I never ate anything from McDonald’s until high school. Dad vastly preferred Burger King & Wendy’s, saying McD’s food didn’t agree with him.

I’m three months older than the Big Mac! Woo-hoo!

However, I’m still only worth 45 cents. :frowning:

Well, then, Happy Birthday!!! :slight_smile:

Big Macs are 40 years old?

Doesn’t surprise me. They taste it.

Aww…the Big Mac and I are the same age. I wonder if it’s as depressed about being 40 as I am!

Well, not that particular Big Mac. That one was eaten, processed, and sold as compost 40 years ago. The ones you can buy today are new. They’re marked for time, and if nobody buys them in 20 minutes, they’re thrown away.

Years ago, Hardee’s bought the Burger Chef chain. This year, Hardee’s brought back Burger Chef’s Big Chef, which was a Big Mac clone. The new Big Chef (Shef?) doesn’t have the middle bun section, though.

ETA: I graduated from high school the year the Big Mac was first sold.

I guess I’m the same age as the OP.

(My mom’s birthday is Aug 22 as well.)

Well, it’s not a happy meal.

Meh, doesn’t hold a candle to a Barnbuster, man I miss those.

I’m 15 days older than a Big Mac. I don’t know if that gets a :smiley: or :eek:

Especially if you eat too many of them.

Yeah, I still miss them too.