What the Dealy Trenton?

Hey, anybody know what’s up with that sign on that bridge in Trenton New Jersey that says “Trenton makes the World takes?” You can see it when you take the amtrak from Philly to NYC.

Why is Trenton so bitter?

When was the last time you saw “Made in Trenton” on a shirt tag?

taking from Trenton unknowingly,

Trenton hasn’t made much lately, but the sign dates back to 1911 and has become a landmark. In fact, the bridge is named the Trenton Makes Bridge (it didn’t have a name before the sign went up). The sign was such a part of the landscape that it was replaced right along with the bridge in the thirties, and rehabilitated again in the eighties.
this website has the information you want (and it’s not dull). Googling ‘trenton makes bridge’ gives some more.