What the everloving Fuck is going on with racist threads/ thread-titles?

In the last 10 minutes I’ve come across these two Threads:

Thread on ’ Ricer Cars ’

American Indian Names for Pets

What the FUCK is going on here??? They changed the goddamned wallpaper on The Dope. They did NOT mail out embossed invitations to the Internet K.K.K. to join up.

Ricers. RICERS? So, let me understand this clearly. Hate speech against people with brown or black skin is a massive no-no, but hate speech against Asians is okey-dokey-smokey?

Similarly, it’s actually just fine to talk about how you give your pets names that are clearly a rude, racist and cruel play on Native American names??

Okay. Got it. Whatever the motherfuck this place is, it’s no longer The Straight Dope.

Good thing Ed Zotti left when he did.

Internet K.K.K.? Nah, just a couple of long-time Dopers who should know better.

Ehh, the “ricer” cars thread actually has a non-offensive term before the offensive one in the subject line. Even that term isn’t really racist toward the people that perform the modifications. It’s that they’re modifying cars from manufacturers headquartered in Asia, and the persons in that scene tend toward a set of modifications that are different from the ones the average reader of Hot Rod pursues. It certainly has racist overtones, but it’s really nationalist in origin. It’s stupid, but not really for the reasons you’re pitting it.

The other is…ugh, I don’t even know. Certainly in poor taste. Worth of accusations of K.K.K. membership? Nah, probably not.

Calling these “KKK” threads is definitely an exaggeration but at the same time they certainly wouldn’t make an Asian American or Native American feel welcome here at the Dope.

Did you report the threads?

Here’s something embarrassing. A long time ago I used rice as a verb to a Vietnamese friend. I first saw the phrase used in a computer hardware forum and didn’t pick up on the racial angle; it just never became obvious enough to me. I had no mental association between anyone or anything Asian and over-the-top, gaudy hardware upgrades. I also don’t associate rice, the food, with Asians but now understand a certain amount of people do. Anyway, we sorted it out. I put multicolored lights in my computer and he was happy for me.

Dude, you’ve gone completely off the reservation!

(Yes, I did that on purpose)

KKK accusations are absurd and inflammatory. Do you really think that frothing at the mouth is going to help?

People may not even know they’re being racist and offensive. I didn’t know until recently that expressions like “off the reservation” had some really nasty implications. I read an article about common expressions that are actually anti-Native American. Once I read that, it was obvious, but before that I was oblivious. Now I know. Fortunately nobody accused me of being in the KKK before.

Sorry but you are forever tainted with unremovable guilt for the rest of your life.

I agree that we should be kind and explain why these instances are offensive without being judgmental, even when the level of offense is not very high, and listen to people when they do the same. Certainly not worth the overblown KKK comparison. It’s too over the top to even be funny.

In which case, they’ll continue to not know unless somebody tells them.

I agree that immediately accusing them of being KKK is a bit much; but in one of those threads I posted that I saw a problem and several people doubled down.

It’s apparently been flagged already and Discourse is refusing to take any more flags.

“Over the top” is Cartooniverse’s thing. He once started a huge Pit thread where he frothily called actor Colin Farrell a pedophile and rapist (literally) because in a movie his character kissed a 16/17 year old.

Can you give an example of how you were using rice as a verb in an offensive way? Because I can’t imagine that. The only use of rice as a verb I can think of is when you push cooked potatoes through a sieve.

I agree they should be told. Just not accused of being a KKK member without reason.

Then again, he could not be convinced that he wouldn’t be confronted by hordes of free-range nazis if he went on a trip to Germany…

Non-white folks have been complaining about the casual racism of white culture for a long time. Yet, white folks continue to remain clueless and expect the rest of us to constantly extend them the benefit of the doubt and gently educate them about how and why what they did was fucked up…assuming they’re willing to listen (and that’s a BIG assumption).

I am so tired of hearing that we shouldn’t judge racist white people too harshly. Just because some does something racist doesn’t mean that we should label them as racist represents some of the most ass backwards thinking I have ever encountered. By that logic we shouldn’t call someone a rapist just because they raped someone. So what the fuck should we call people who do racist shit?

At what point can the non-white people of America expect white folks to stop with all the racial shit? Asking for every non-white person in the damn country…

Yes this. With respect to Green_Bean, if, as an adult American in 2020, you honestly had no inkling that “off the reservation” likely had some racist shit built into it, that’s your fault.

In the now obsolete racially insensitive vernacular, to “rice” something is/was to accessorize it with excessively gaudy but ultimately non-functional modifications. Especially if the thing in question was of Asian manufacture. Read the thread the OP is beefing about for more details & examples. It’s sort of a nerd chic for certain classes of nerds/ enthusiasts.

In the case of Dr. Crap it appears he wanted to add brightly colored blinky lights on his PC (probably a gaming rig). These mods wouldn’t let him play e.g. Warcraft any better, but he’d think he/it looked so much cooler while doing it.

Thank you. I never heard that usage.

These days, all you need are speakers, mouse, and/or keyboard. I have the speakers & keyboard; still haven’t gotten used to the 5.1 sounds coming out of 2.1 speakers.

This is why it’s necessary for white folks to wake up and think about expressions they use “innocently” because they have heard them all their lives. That is what being “woke” means (although that expression makes me cringe). It means being mindful of how things you say affect other people, especially when they come from a place of racial “superiority.” Being mindful doesn’t mean never say anything; it does mean taking responsibility for what you do say.

Guilty as charged.

But in my defense, when I ran across an article about those sorts of expressions, I read it and heeded the advice. I still have to catch myself before using “powwow” to mean an informal discussion meeting. That one is pretty deeply ingrained I guess.


Huh, yeah, I would have guessed that to be racist, had I come across it in the wild.

I was so shocked by the “American Indian names for your pet” thread that I didn’t even think to report it. I just thought, "this is NOT what I was expecting. (I was expecting actual names in languages used by American Indians, you know, Navaho names or whatever. And I wondered if that might be a little offensive, in a cultural-appropriation sort of way.) But the actual thread was not that.

Who says you have to be gentle about it? Just tell us.

And Never. Just like I don’t expect men to ever stop with the misogynist shit. All we can do is keep chipping away at it and vent about our frustrations when we need to.