What the f*** is up with this t-shirt?

The shirt is a clear reference to the logo.

The “No.” symbol that you yourself pointed out less than half an hour ago.

And again, that’s why I asked. I felt there must be a meaning that I wasn’t getting and apparently there is. I’m fully aware of Chanel, and Paris couture and I think the shirt is just. . . stupid. The wearer is trying to be cool by *wearing *something that states that they don’t care about cool fashion :dubious: But that’s beside the point.

Even with the Paris attacks, this outrage is totally misplaced.

It’s like getting enraged at a “fuck Wall Street” bumper sticker after 9/11.

I agree that it’s a stupid shirt.

That’s weird, since you’re clearly really straining to make a connection here that has no basis in anything just so that you can feel offended. Like the initial respondents, I had no clue what you were on about just reading the OP and looking at the shirt until I read the analysis as people attempted to explain the basis of your over-the-top response, as well as what the shirt actually means.

Tru dat, but if I owned that tee, I’d still put it at the bottom of my drawer for a few months.

Probably since the time that the first three cavewomen started wearing animal skins.

No. Actually, that IS the point. As in, No one cares about your stupid designer labels Paris!

The timing is a coincidence, and it’s unfortunate that it’s still on the shelves, I agree. But surely you can understand if it was delivered to the store weeks ago, and has been on the shelf since, why the retailer might fail to make the connection that you leapt to?

But that doesn’t mean it’s associated with CHanel No. 5

So again, why do you think it is, especially as they didn’t match the font.

… you can’t possibly be serious.

It was obviously a Chanel #5 joke within 1 second of looking at it. Come on … it’s in your face.

This is a whoosh right? You are just trying to top the stupidity of the OP right? You cannot possibly be serious.

Not enraged now, and as I explained, was over any “rage” at the time of starting the thread.

Jeez, am I in the Twilight Zone? People here are constantly pounding the PC drum and no one says a word. I asked a simple question and somehow the hounds were released.

You must be new here.

What are you talking about? Everyone is simply offering you their perspectives on what you are seeing vs what they are seeing.

Which is what you said you wanted!

Please go reread your OP and then explain how anyone was to think you were anything but enraged.

Sheesh, you should try a little harder to be clear, in future I think.

You even used seven cartoon faces in your OP to register the emotional roller coaster ride that shirt put you through.

That’s for civilians. Misplace a comma or misuse a word and it’s Lord of the Flies time. Plus… come on what’s better than a good misunderstanding to mock and jape at.

WTF!!?? This is just a big bottle brush!! It’s gotta be!!

That’s right, because it’s very common to refer to oneself numerically, and in the third person, as I was remarking to Number 6 only this morning.

Sure, you were over it.

You were all over it.