What the fuck? Is there a shortage of black plastic all of a sudden?

Ok, who the fuck decided that all of our household electronics would suddenly stop being available in black?

I have a black TV, a black PS2, a black VCR, and a black DVD player. The VCR is on the fritz, and I decided I might try to replace the vcr and dvd by buying a combo unit.

Who the fuck knew that it’s just not fashionable to offer these in black anymore? Only one manufacturer I have heard of, JVC, offers one in black. About two seventy bazillion manufacturers offer it in a god awful ugly as shit silver which loks like complete ass with anything other than a black entertainment system (which I don’t have).

In case I didn’t mention it already…fuck.

Some dickhead in marketing. I think most of the evils of modern society can be traced back to this root.

Have fun!

I think the silver looks way better.

I give your rant a 3.

My theory is they occassionally change the most common colors of electronic devices around as a way to increase sales. If you can’t sell the devices with new technology, change them cosmetically, and it will look like a new device. Or, if they just had a major advancement, they’ll change the color so its that much more obvious that its new and different so people will notice it and buy it. Right now, the fad seems to be to have those sorts of devices in silver. I’m willing to bet if you wait 6 months, we’ll see a rant that someone wants their VCR/DVD combo in silver and all they can find is beige, or gray.

Cheaper solution.

Be more imaginative. How about pink?

Who was it, in the first place, that decided gray letters on black control buttons was a good idea? Probably somebody who always listens to music and watches TV with all the lights on.

If you don’t like the silver or the off-white, a can of flat black spray paint won’t cost much.

Uh, yeah, let me say that I expect that the first thing I’d hear after trying to make a warranty claim on a spray-painted piece of electronics would be…


Thanks for the link to two (2) out of the approximately thirty billion dvd\vcr combos out there which available in black instead of silver. Silver ones run the price gamut from 50 bucks on up, but if you want black, be ready to pay at least 100.


African American plastic. :dubious:

I thought this was going to be a rant about the MacBook pricing. Even at Apple’s absurd hard-drive upgrade prices, it’s a whole $150 worth of black that people are buying.

And people are buying it! I just don’t understand it.

For the ebtronic devices.

Woule you prefer Goldenrod, or “Fashionable Avocado”?

Count your blessings.

I blame the iPod. To me, an mp3 player is just another thing that ought to be black, and Apple is destroying the natural order of life by resisting it.

I recently watched a documentary on refrigerators. They mentioned how the manufacturers tried to copy Detroit’s annual cosmetic updates. Evidently, their customers revolted when they introduced two-tone refrigerators.

Oh, this is just wrong. A rant, like a perfect diamond or a really stinky fart, should be should be judged for itself, not on whether you agreed with the sentiment (or what you thought of the setting, or whether your mother-in-law’s kitchen was the right spot to cut loose, respectively).


Ahem… Guacasexual, if you please?

Dell Bought it all, even they are using some silver plastic now.

You think silver/grey is bad? Try using my invisible remote control!

Lose that thing and … well, it’s pretty darn lost.

I also have an invisible, wireless, ergonomuc, user programmable keyboard. It’s ot even QUERTY!

damn keyboard …