What the fuck is up with the sorting?

Am I the only one?

It’s the time stamps, they were all outta whack.

Tell me about it. I can’t even post.

Whoops. All better now. :rolleyes:

Actually, it’s still happening. In one thread someone appears to be responding to me before I even posted.

I just had a reply post to the middle of a thread, twice.

V. confusing, probably, although I can’t tell if anyone responded because I can’t find their posts either…

My reply in GD in the homosexuality and the bible thread got placed two up from the bottom. Where it is now, the post after it looks like a sureally sarcastic response to what I’d said. :stuck_out_tongue: Oh! and Bippy is posting from the future! It’s definitely not “today 9pm” PST yet, unlike the date stamp on his reply claims.

I hope they fix it soon.

It’s 6:04 pm where I’m at. I just read a post timestamped 8:34 pm. And I know I chose the correct time zone in my User CP.

Weird all right. My page is set to GMT-7m and as of this writing it calls out the time as 3:36 p. m. Other posts are being counted as later in the future.

That gives me an idea. Would somebody hop up about 55 hours from now and check out the California Lottery website. I need to know which numbers to buy for the Super Lotto drawing this Saturday.

And don’t tell anyone you’re doing this for me. The jackpot is only seventeen million dollars, and it’s going to be spread pretty thin if it gets distributed among forty-eight thousand people.

The folks at Straight Dope have decided to give us a glimpse of relativistic effects.

Whoa, Dude!

Someone was joking a few days ago that the board was going so fast, he’d be able to respond to his own post before he posted it.

Who knew?

Jerry said there was some strangeness in the wake of the work on the system today. Hopefully it’s all sorted out now and everything’s back to where it should be, only better.

Please send me email if it’s not and I’ll try to alert Jerry, though this time of night, especially after today . . . no promises.

your humble TubaDiva

So does this mean I’m on my own for the lotto numbers?

Maybe it’s still daytime where Jerry is. Or maybe he hasn’t even done the work on the board where he is. OR maybe he corrected the problem before it happened.

:::::dizzy::::::need sleep:::::::

Don’t worry, SamJerry’s good. He already fixed it, tomorrow! :slight_smile:

Wait! How did you know that last week?

You don’t have a subscription to the Ferdinand Feghoot Newsletter? :eek:


I go away for a day and look what happens! I can’t leave you kids alone for a minute can I?!