what the fuck

In this thread Performance problems - About This Message Board - Straight Dope Message Board, were posts deleted?

That is uncalled for!

When people complain about you, you sit there and take it. And think. Ignore it, if you must. But you don’t get to rewrite people’s mouths and close every thread that criticizes you for what some people feel are inexcusable problems. I think in another thread you banned a paid user.

(This is post is not about the board’s servers, but about how you disrespect speech.)

I suspect that the posts that were deleted were from a returning troll.

Gasp! A paid user was banned?! The horrors!

How’s about the way you misuse speech?

I’m more perplexed by the “If you don’t like it, get out” attitude that comes with every criticism.

It’s one thing if someone is constantly complaining, but even seemingly well-intentioned criticisms are met with this same hostility. The same people who do it would be the first to start a Pit thread if they were told something similar at a store/restaurant/establishment where they are a paying customer.

Of course I realize the amount we are paying to post is very small. I believe we’re getting what we pay for, but there is a definite “This is how it is, and oh well if you don’t like it” attitude from the “management” from what I’ve seen.

That bothers me less than the rabid attitude of fellow posters when someone dare tells the Emperor he’s nude. Ease up on the caffeine/Red Bull/meth and realize that sometimes complaints are legitimate. You don’t have to go all Toby Keith “If you don’t like our country, leave it!” on us. YMMV.


Geez Louise. When I want to see a change made at a store, I use a civilized manner.

The other voice is for rodents and pigs.

If you want to bitch about how the board is run, moderator decisions, etc., take it to the Pit.

For the Straight Dope

Just by way of side comment after this thread is closed: when we are bothered by banned persons attempting to return, we try to delete their posts. These people get their jollies from causing disruption, and we want them to understand that their posts won’t last. Whatever work they put into to trying to sneak in, whatever effort they put into their posts, it’s futile and in the end will vanish from the scene.

Frankly, that’s the only hope we have of trying to limit their activities: if they see that their efforts won’t remain, we hope that they’ll give up and go away and bother someone else.

We also cause spam to disappear. We do not cause a post to disappear simply because it is critical of the boards, the moderators, or whatever.* We only cause those posts to disappear that come from people who have lost the right to post here in the first place.

*It’s fair to say that most people who were banned for misbehavior, who try to sneak back in, tend to be critical of moderators for doing our job.