What the hell are you staring at? - Duckman on DVD!

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God, I loved that show!

“Get your down, down,
Thrust your pelvis, HA!
Thrust your pelvis, HA!”

Pardon for dredging this up, but I couldn’t let it sink without a response.

This was a fantastic show, years ahead of its time. What was great about it was that it could be edgy and irreverent without completely descending into completely worthless filth (no comment…all you veteran posters know what I’m talking about), and while it centered around a jerk, he had some redeeming qualities, and, at the end of the day, usually ended up doing the right thing. On top of that, it was superbly written and almost always wickedly funny, like the 2nd-7th season heyday of The Simpsons. Most importantly, it never, never, ever took itself too seriously, a kiss of death for pretty much any comedy.

USA had what by rights should have been a monster hit, and as far as I’m concerned, it’s a travesty that Duckman is all but forgotten while South Park (which wasn’t as good even at its peak and isn’t a twentieth as good now) lurches on eternally.

Not sure if it’s worth waiting to get it used. We’ll see.

AWESOME!!! This has been atop my wish list for years!!
Duckman: “It’s times like this I’m reminded by my father’s last words…”
Cornfed: “‘Careful son, I don’t think the safety’s on’?”
Duckman: “BEFORE that!”

YAY! I’ve been wanting this for ages! Thanks for bringing it to my attention (I loved the “thrust your pelvis” bit, too).

Now, if they would DVD-up Bob and Margaret, I’d be set for a good while.

“You’ll love her til the end of your life”. Seriously, who expects to cry during Duckman?

And besides having the voice of Dweezil Zappa. many of the shows actually used the music of Frank Zappa. I’d watch just to listen for that!