What the hell does this recurring dream mean??

Over the last few months I have yet to go over a week without dreaming I am in an airplane thats crashing. The specific situation changes : who I’m with, the size of the plane, the setting and etc. It has actually happened so often that I’m getting to the point (in my dream) where I sort of accept what is happening - and prepare to die.

What does this mean? What is it saying about my psyche? Anything at all??

So I check the internet. Most reliable sources say that dream symbols are personal. They mean something different for each person. I guess that makes sense - but I am unsatisfied!! I demand to know why my brain chooses in my peaceful slumber to make me believe I am on a plane that inevitably hurtles (very realistically) from the sky.

So you tell me. . . what does it mean?

There are no wrong answers.

Just “wrong” posters.

Thank you.

It means that your name is now on file at the Dept. of Homeland Security offices. Watch out for men in dark suits wearing sunglasses.

Well do you have anything in your life that is either ending or that you dread ending? (I realize that’s vague but you didn’t give any details on what’s going on in your life so trying to interpret the dream would amount to little more then cold reading)

Don’t fly ???

My first thought was that maybe you’re afraid of these people leaving you or dying. Of course I’m not a shrink, but I digress… Maybe the size of the plane has some significance to each person - Bigger plane - you’re more scared of losing them. But that’s just my 2.2 cents.

I think it means that you are afraid that you are going along too calmly in life without worrying, and some day something bad is going to happen and change your life forever, and life as you know it will end.

So, maybe you think you take things for granted, and you know you shouldn’t, but you are waiting for something to happen so you appreciate what you have, (perhaps, acceptance of the crash, and a new beginning).

I am not a psychologist, and I am really tired, but perhaps this makes some sense.

Dying in dreams means change.
If you have it repeatedly, that means there will be big changes (doesn’t mean from one shot, but then again…)
Since it’s the scenery in your dreams that keep renewing, then i guess it’s your situation: home, friends, work, whatever around you, is what’s going to change dramatically, and so would force you to change how you are/percieve things.


Honestly I was expecting more flippant and funny responses than serious ones.

I do believe several of you hit it on the head. I am going through a stressful and possibly huge change at work.

So thanks, that makes sense now - it was the answer I was trying to find elsewhere but could not.

The SDMB continues to amaze . . .

I had the plane crash dream. I had it during a very stressful time of my marriage and my wife was sitting next to me on the plane.

Hope things work out at work.

When I was seeing a shrink, I told him about a recurring dream. He said, “Generally, everything and everybody in your dreams is you. If you dream of impending doom, you’ve made some dangerous choices. If you dream of trying to do something, but never succeeding, it’s about frustrating yourself.”

Well, you know what they say in Hollywood - always follow your dreams!

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