What the hell have I gotten myself into?

Comic Books!!! Damn Comic Books!!!

My future brother in law (who I hate, I might add) decided to store his comic books in our garage. I actually agreed to this because I knew they were important to him and they would get destroyed if I didn’t agree. But, I told him he had to do something with them soon or I’d sell them on eBay. Well, it’s been more than 8 months and we’re trying to sell the condo so it’s time for them to go.

I’ve decided to sort them according to type. Now, I realize that I’ve gotten myself into a huge mess and it’s too late to back out now. He has about 20-25 of those really long comic book boxes. I’ve gone through 1-1/2. My coffee table is filled with the damn things. The largest pile is graphic novels. They are mostly my fiancee’s so he’ll have to deal with them. The next largest pile is DC, followed by Marvel. Then, there’s some small piles of random other things. Did you know that there are Battlestar Gallactica comics? I might have to read those.

I doubt most of these are worth anything. I think the future BIL is a compulsive collector. Most of the first box is from 1999. I did find one from 1996. At least 2 are still in their original bags.

If any of you are looking for something in particular, let me know. I’ll keep a list. If I find it, and my fiancee doesn’t want it, it’s yours. Also, you have to be willing to wait while I finish sorting.

Before anyone bitches me out for this, I did warn the BIL many times over the last few months of my intentions. It’s his own damn fault for being a lazy prick.

Ooh, ooh. I’ll gladly take any kind of Marvel “Ultimate” title, especially X-Men.

Or X-Men anything, really. I’ll glady reimburse you for shipping too.

I’ve already found a lot of X-Men. I think I saw an Ultimate in there but I could be wrong. When I know what’s up for grabs, I’ll send you a list so you can take your pick.

I’d be interested in some. If you do end up creating a list, add me to the circulation.

Wow, I’ve sorted 2 boxes into Marvel, DC and random. Then, I started sorting into actual comics. It took me over an hour to sort about 30 Spider Man comics.

I knew this would take a long time but think I underestimated a bit. My fiancee estimated it will take me at least 2 or 3 months just to get the sorting done, and another 2 or 3 weeks to make up a list. He estimates there are 3 full boxes of just X-Men.

So, don’t be surprised if you get an e-mail from me sometime in June with a spreadsheet. :smiley:

Um, in the interest of future family harmony, wedded bliss, etc., may I suggest you send him one last message: “Dear BIL, I really don’t want to, but I’m afraid I’m forced to put your comic books on ebay, unless you can pick them up by Wednesday”. You just never know what can happen in things like this: he and your fiancee could end up on the outs, and some of the family could take his side for whatever reason.

Also, if it were me (I have zero interest in comics and would just want them out ASAP) I’d sell the whole lot on eBay sight unseen. Or you can call local comic stores to come out and give you a bid on them.

I’m supposed to hunt down and read Hellboy. I’ll also wave my SO toward this thread, he can probably help take some off your hands.

The problem with giving him one last chance is that he doesn’t have a home of his own. He’s been sleeping on his parents couch for a few months and he was sleeping on ours before that. He’s too lazy to get himself a place to live, he’s not going to actually go out of his way to pick them up.

I don’t know if there’s any Hellboy in here. I’ve never heard either of them talk about it.

If most of what he’s got is 96-onward, there’s really nothing you’re going to be able to do with them. About 1993 until 2000ish is considered by many to be a real dark age in comicsdom (of course, there’s dissent about the dates and I’ve probably opened up a floodgate with that comment).

As someone who loves their comic collection dearly (even if the first ten years of it have been sitting at my mom’s house for nearly a decade), I would ask that you give him another chance. Offering to just throw them out is not really going to get anything done, but charging him will. Try phrasing it like, “we’re selling the condo and so your comics have to go. We’ll take them with us, but will charge you for cartage and storage. If you don’t pick them up by X we’ll start selling them to make up the charges.”

There’s something about having them sold that really gets people motivated, especially if it seems like they’re going to have to pay for something.

Can you post a list of what you’ve got? Even general issue ranges (*Amazing Spider-Man * 450ish to 475ish with some holes, *Supreme * 1-36 mostly, etc.) should be good enough to get a sense of if there’s anything that anyone here would want without you killing yourself trying to please the cherry-pickers.

Any Marvel What If’s in there? Or DC “Elseworlds”?

Anything X-Men!

Most comic books are unsellable at any price. Bring 'em to a VA hospital, or give 'em to a kid.

If you’re within 50 miles of DC, I’d be happy to drive out and give you an appraisal (There are a few “hot” books out there by writers like Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman and Garth Ennis, or artists like Frank Miller, Bill Sienkiewicz, Mark Schultz, Los Bros Hernandez or Wally Wood; most everything else can be sent to the landfill with a clear conscience).

Oh–Keep an eye out for comics from the 70s by Filipino artists. Those are coming back into collectibility in a big way!

Do you see any called “The Maxx”? I love The Maxx…

Just a thought-- Suppose you rent a self-storage bin for the comics in the brother-in-law’s name? You pay for the first month, maybe two, then send the key and the paperwork to him. If he wants his comics, he either picks them up or pays the rent. If not, the storage place throws them out, not you.

It would be extra work, but it might be a reasonable contribution to family harmony.

Agreed. I don’t own a comic book collection myself but I have collected various things in the past. I know that if someone were to sell off my collection of promo and commercial CD singles, or even the various trading card series I collected as a kid, I’d go mad.

congodwarf, if he still won’t take them after your threat, would it be possible to transport all the boxes in your car and leave them on his (parents’) front porch?

Oh sure, come up with a perfectly great idea to keep the peace. When there is a fortune to make on Ebay! You are nuts!

Family Harmony = Oxymoron.

Just saying.

You’ve got it right. Family harmony will never exist as long as this guy is around. His one goal in life is to make everyone as miserable as he is and it’s working. The only reason he still lives on his parents couch is because his mom is afraid she’ll never get to see her grandkids again if she pisses him off.

He’s got a couple months at any rate. This is going to take me forever. The only reason I’m bothering to sorting them out is because some of them are my fiancee’s and I know he wants some of them.

Also, his brother did actually give his consent to selling them but I think he was under the impression that I was going to do all the work and give him all the money. That’s the only reason he collects things - the might be worth something one day.

Before I’m ready to get rid of them, I will tell him one more time that he either comes to get them or they’re going bye-bye. I’m also going to make it clear that I’m not giving him ANY of the profit if I’m doing all the work.

The money will be split up between the family members he still owes money to - mainly his brother, sister and parents. It will help to defray the costs of him mooching off us for over a year, not to mention all the damage he’s done to our houses in his childish tantrums.

Anyway, here’s the schedule:

  1. I’m going to sort the comics (expect this to take a while).
  2. Mr. Congo will take out the ones that are his and he still wants. Sorry (Ranchoth, the What If’s are his and hold a special place in his heart. I doubt he’ll get rid of them.
  3. Mr. Congo’s brother will be given his last chance.
  4. Anyone who expressed an interest will be sent a list of what’s left. The list will show whether it’s being sold or is free.
  5. Anything you guys don’t take will go up on eBay.

The local comic book store guy didn’t even look at them. He said he has over 5 storage units full of books and he doesn’t need any more.

The first two boxes went back as far as '93. There’s at least 20 more boxes. It’s possible some of them are actually worth something - but I doubt it.

I’m keeping a list of anyone who’s shown interest so that I can contact you when all the work is done.
*** For those of you who are rabid collectors and are disgusted by what I’m doing, don’t worry - I have no intention of getting rid of these without giving him one more chance. I don’t like him but I’m not a complete heartless bitch.***

I’m a rabid collector, and I’m disgusted by what you’re doing, now gimme gimme gimme!


No, seriously, I meant the last part.

I loves me some Justice League and All-Star Squadron.

Heck, if you put together a list of what’s there, I’ll compare it to my now-complete comic list, and maybe fill in some of the gaps in my issue-runs of various other titles.

congodwarf, I’m not real interested in the Marvel or DC stuff, but I might like some of the “random” things.

Got any Flaming Carrot?

Anyway, contact me when you’re ready. We’re practically neighbors (I live just south of Springfield MA) so if there’s any other way I can help, let me know. For example, I can give you the names of a couple of live auction places that will be happy to handle all those comics on consignment.