What the hell is a trixie?

All I know is they are supposed to be snobby preppy women from Lincoln Park in Chicago. What’s the difference between a regular snobby preppy woman and a “trixie”. :confused:

Regional variant. Same idea.

Pink Cubs caps.

Trixie entry on Wikipedia. Their boyfriends are named Chad.

If you check out the Borders where Clark and Broadway diverge you can observe them in their natural habitat.


Looks like a question to me.

Moved. IMHO > GQ


Wow. I know tons of these, and I’ve never been near Chicago.

Oh. I thought it was the girl who dances before the Rocky Horror Show starts. That probably means that I’m hopelessly old.

Trixies went to Big Ten universities, where they were in sororities. Now they live in Lincoln Park, hoping to have their own Sex in the City-type romps. When they leave Lincoln Park, it’s to go to bars in River North, or to Wrigelyville (more on that below).

They drive Jettas.

Their boyfriends are named Chad. Chad works at the Board of Trade.

On the weekends in the summer, Trixie and Chad go to Wrigley Field. Trixie wears a pink cubs hat, with full makeup, and dangly silver earrings.

When Trixie and Chad get married, they move to the suburbs because the city is no place to raise a child.

Other Chicagoans don’t hate or even dislike Trixies and Chads, but do find them mildly amusing.