What the hell is bling bling?

I see it used in so many contexts: jewlery, music, etc…

What’s the origin of the term and what does it mean?

I’m sure more people will chime in on this but I believe it is the “sound” a big cartoon diamond makes when light shines off of it.

This was discussed a couple of months ago.

Good grief, I had no idea the meaning of the term “bling bling” could be so debated. I second what Mirror Image egamI rorriM said.

There is no debate…

There can be only three stuntaz. Don’t hate… appreciate

I thought it was the black British version of “bada bing bada boom”.

Chrome wheels? Just look at them and gesture saying “bling bling”.

Offering a compliement and wish to include in full sentence, possibly dressing the phrase up for a lady, “You are blinging.” or

“Bling bling, baby.”