What does Bling Bling Mean?

Heard it several times in the past week. What does it mean?

ever chrome wheels on a car? notice how when they turn certain areas reflect brightly back into your eyes, kind of a little sparkle?

well each “sparkle” is a bling

usually bling refers to jewelry or chrome parts on a car, atleast in my area.

Bling bling is an urban slang reference to displays of conspicuous consumption – most often jewelry or gold/platinum teeth, but (as something clever notes) sometimes to other expensive showy items like car accessories, etc.

Bling-Bling. syn. for Jangle-Jangle.
To make display of object(s) possessing Bling-Bling would be refered to as ‘Flossin’.’

My understanding is that african-americans tend to gravitate towards shiny things, and “bling bling” is their way of giving approval of something very shiny. I could be wrong, as I’m just not very knowledgeable on “urban” matters.

Has Ali G reached foreign shores ?

It’s a euphemism for “hooray” or “woohoo”, or expressing approval. For example, if an urban-dwelling African-American gentlemen sees a particularly attractive woman, he might nudge his friend and say “bling bling”. Likewise if he sees a car that is universally understood to be expensive and fast, he might let out an exclamation of “bling bling”.

Well, this is just silly. We blacks do not gravitate towards shiny things. Whatever gave you this ridiculous idea? I cannot understand how any one can live in the world today with their heads full of these silly generalizations and misconceptions. Why I oughta. . . ohh look, a new dime!

When come back, bling bling pie.

[sub]Well, someone had to say it.[/sub]

One of the V-Birds is called Bling. But they’ve all got silly names.

For future reference, here’s the Rap Dictionary.

Thank Anthracite for the link.

Wow that sounded pretty racist. Black people like shiny things.

Am I misunderstanding, or is “bling bling” (or sometimes just “bling”) used also as a synomym for “money”? In the same vein as “moolah”, “dinero”, “green”, etc.


Paging Kiki! Paging Kiki!

Oooohhhh… shiny!. :slight_smile:

Eh? I don’t understand.


That is a pretty damn asinine assumption, though. Most frequently, I find it being attatched to the so-called “wiggas.” Frankly, if a black person actually used the term seriously, I’d bust out laughing even harder than if a white person did.

I’d second the ever-present minerals as the source, generally meaning to have lots of money.

To use it in a sentence, imagine a 5’8" skinny white guy with pants hanging off his ass and a big gold chain standing in front of a lowered Nissan Sentra with a spoiler and chrome rims saying, “Yo, dat boy gots da bling bling fo shizzle, J-Dog.” Follow this thought up quickly with someone kicking his ass, and you’ll be happy all day.

For reference, see the “Icy Hot Stuntaz,” a web legend for their wigganess.


falls over laughing

I forgot… how funny…

Errrm…weak joke based on a running SDMB gag: “when come back, bring pie”.

When I was in Malaysia, and saw that the star fruit (carambola) was called belimbing in Malay, I corrupted the word into “bling-bling.” I never dreamed it would become a slang word someday.

I feel qualified to answer this, being a student at an inner city high school.

Bling-bling is jewelery. Specifically, big gold or platinum chains. (If it has diamonds, those are “ice.” So, one can be wearing “iced-out bling-bling.”) No one really uses it seriously.

I have also heard it being referred to as a “Mr. T starter kit.”