What the hell is going on in Washington today?

There was a suspicious package report on the DC side of the 1th St. bridge and a couple of other places. No actual threat, it turns out.


Attrayant: like this?

Try this, Jonathan:

Plus the Orange Alert had resulted in more intensive searches of cars entering all military facilities. The morning traffic report for my commute warned motorists entering Andrews AFB to expect significant delays.

Well as long as we don’t go to plaid alert I’ll feel safe.

No it looks more like this, but I think the gun is even bigger and scarier.

Damn, well I guess that explains why HOV was lifted on 66 this morning.

I dunno, I’m not scared. Nor do I know anyone who is. My mom lives near Buffalo, and she is completely petrified. I guess I figure that if DC is going to get vaporized (which I don’t believe it is), I’m gonna go with it. Panicking about it now isn’t going to help.

Yeah, I think the fear factor is less here than elsewhere. We just want to know what the hell is going on.

That is Virginia 110.

The suspicious package in the vicinity of the 14th Street Bridge must have been why the ramps from the bridge’s northbound lanes to eastbound Southeast-Southwest Freeway were closed during the morning rush. Heard about the closing on the traffic reports on my way to work but they only reason they could give at the time was “police activity.”

I just saw that anti-aircraft missles have been deployed around Washington. That can’t help any. I don’t have time to link it myself, but it was posted on fark.com this morning, if you want to go look it up.

Yeah, that’s 110.

I’ve seen that Hummer with the M-50 on it. Those guys look bored but I have no doubt at all that they’d perforate any vehicle with bad intent.

Firing an M-50 into a vehicle you think might have a bomb in it . . . Hmmm . . .

Hey, it couldn’t set off a nuke. And I’m pretty certain those soldiers think blowing it up way over there (up the road) is better than on top of them.

“We just want to know what the hell is going on.”

You’re not relying on the government to tell you this, I hope.

Yeah, silly me.

But I expect this stuff to leak out. This is Washington, you know.

Mobile SAM batteries around Goverment installations here aren’t really a recent occourance. This is just the first time in about a year they they’ve been so conspicuous. I saw one of those Stinger-equipped Humvees in the Navy Annex parking lot for quite a few months in the wake of 9/11.

Speaking for myself, I’m operating on brown alert right now. Back in ten minutes.

I just read on another message board that people are being warned to leave DC this weekend and stay “at least 25 miles out of the city” – have any of you heard this? I listen to NPR in the morning and don’t remember hearing any such warning, and I don’t see anything about it on cnn.com or the Post’s site.


News to me. That’s gonna be a bit difficult what with the freezing rain predicted for Saturday.

Although it could explain why Snopes hasn’t been responding lately. Everyone’s trying to veryify the supposed Flee DC warning.

I’ve emailed the person who posted the warning for more info…I’ll post it here when she replies.