What the Hell is growing in my Green Pepper? Looks like the Devil! (pics)

Starting dinner this evening I sliced into a green pepper and this ghastly creature of some sort peered out at me…

What the heck is this and this? I have never seen anything like it. Almost like a pepper within a pepper… I do live near a Nuclear Power Plant but jeez I’m 20 miles away…

As someone who cuts open more green peppers then most people, I can tell you it’s more common then you realize. Maybe 1 in 50.

Hope you’re not pro-pepper-life.

My mom does a lot cooking with bell peppers, so I asked her. She doesn’t know what they are (she’s always thought they were little peppers), but they don’t seem to affect the actual pepper. She doesn’t use the “little peppers” though.

Wow, I must get old and nasty peppers, because I see it in more like 1 out of 5 peppers!

It’s not much, however:

A honey gland is the part of the flower which secretes nectar, a nectary.

I see these things all the time, and use them along with the rest. They taste the same as the rest of the pepper, and haven’t killed me yet.

Yeah, I think of them less like fetuses and more like little absorbed twins, the kind people have sometimes that have teeth and hair. Happy cooking!

Seriously, see them plenty. Usually in the red ones, though.

Where the hell is that puke smilie when you need one. :slight_smile:

I see these a lot (I love peppers) and always use them. I find them sweeter that the rest of the pepper (I suppose since it comes from the honey gland as Squink pointed out).

Also the seeds may sprout inside the fruit.

I see them a lot while cooking, and usually pop them into my mouth.

I think you’re thinking of teratomas. They result from pluri/totipotent cells that basically go out of control and start producing structures including teeth and hair. Very gross.

I thought ovarian cysts could do that too?

Yep, dermoid cysts:

“Dermoid cysts. The cells in the ovary are able to make hair, teeth, and other growing tissues that become part of a forming ovarian cyst. These cysts can become large and cause pain.”

What the hell are you eating these vile weeds for anyway? They’re just doing what evil does best… creating more evil-y looking evil.

That is so awesome. If I ever got one I’d ask for it back and keep it in a jar.

On second thought, forget the jar! I’ll put a collar on it and sometimes I’ll take it out for a walk on a leash, or maybe in a pram. If anybody says anything about it I’ll get terribly offended and never speak to them again.

It’s a pepper sprout. It’s sweet, crunchy and delicious.

If you have paid a price a-piece for your peppers, congratulations on having gotten more of your money’s worth.

I get these all the time. I cut them up with the rest, or I snack on them. Yum !

Wow, I’ll have to tell Mom about this…I really didn’t know those things are edible.