What the hell is this "Alien Lake" in Google Earth

Anyone who has Google Earth, please enter in these coordinates: 39°27’43.93"N, 94°31’50.86"W . What it appears to show is this weird lake made up of purple and pink and black colors and lines, and it looks like either a circuit board or some kind of alien technology. It is really striking. What causes this image to appear? I’m assuming that the lake is just a regular lake whose appearance has somehow been rendered in this odd way in Google Earth.

No idea what’s going on there. But i also have NASA Worldwind, and Trimble Lake shows no such colors on that program, so it’s obviously something to do with Google Earth’s images and/or rendering.

Looks like a tear in the fabric of space-time to me. I’ve screenshotted it for those who are curious (it’s just north of Kansas City)


Cited from a post on another message board:

Oops. I should have included a link: