What the hell Jamba Juice?

I like smoothies for breakfast. I sometimes make them myself, but if I don’t want to deal with the mess and preparation, I like to hit Jamba Juice. Of all the places I have tried, (except a roadside stand in Kauai) they make the best. They use real fruit and yogurt, not something poured out of a jug or bottle. Overall, they are one of the best and healthiest choices for a quick something to eat. So, why the rant?

They don’t open up until 7AM!!

I need to be at work at 7. I pass 2 Jamba’s on my way and I can never get one. Why, why would a store that probably makes most of its profit on breakfast not open until 7 in a town were rush hour starts at 6:30? Why are my only choices for something to grab on my way in coffee or fast food? Why won’t you let me give you money?

I know I am not the only one who feels this way because the barrista at the Starbucks next door told me she gets four or five people a day coming in to buy packaged smoothies from her and complaining about Jamba being closed.


I’m not even sure what Jamba Juice is, but I agree with you. I used to get to work by 6:30 and was amazed at the number of breakfast places that weren’t open yet.

I love Jamba Juice too but I can’t muster up any rage at their hours. If they were only open 9-5 and closed down from 12-1 for lunch then I might take issue with it, but being as every Jamba Juice in my area (which is NYC, your area may be different) closes no earlier than 9 and then they have to clean and close down tills and stuff being open by 6 in the morning for the early breakfast crowd would be hell on their employees. I do understand the Jamba Juice Jones though and wish you a delicious, fruit-filled breakfast in the near future.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the same principle Cervaise uses to make tomato sauce applies to smoothies. Just sayin’.

The same employees wouldn’t be working morning and night.

I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who thought of that.

I’m disappointed that I hallucinated an “is” in this question, because I was all set to finally find out what the hell is Jamba Juice. Hell, I’d settle for even knowing what a Jamba is.

Just a thought. You might want to put in a suggestion and/or talk to a manager, preferably the owner. It’s just people who make these decisions and if they can justify longer hours, they might. It would help if you could get some facts about how much demand there would be. There have been all kinds of stores around here opening earlier and staying open later. It’s just a matter of demand for it.

I couldn’t drink that much sugar in the morning. There’s a ton of sugar in Jamba Juice, even the fruit only ones (I checked the content manuals), so I can’t get all excited about your rant.

Good luck!

Lucky for you I’ve been flexing my wiki muscles: Jamba Juice

Also official site.

It’s a wildly popular smoothie place out here in the west, but apparently they only have locations in 30 states and your state is one of the poor, underprivileged, back-asswards ones that doesn’t have it.

Also I remember reading something in one of their stores while I was waiting for my smoothie that explained the origin of the name… but of course I don’t remember it and I’m too tired to look for it right now (I don’t see it readily explained on the wiki or their official site, but I’m sure if you dig it’s out there).

No, they’re not. They’re milkshakes. Don’t fool yourself.

Non-issue. When I worked at McDonald’s as a teenager, we closed at 11 pm and opened again in the morning at 5 am. As others have pointed out, it’s a different crew for closing and opening.

Sure, but that still doesn’t say what “Jamba” means. I suspect it’s some phony polyethnic sounding word, but my suspicions go unconfirmed.

I’m sure the owners decided opening before 7 wasn’t worth it against opening at 7.