What the hell man? Is U. T. accursed?

Seriously, this is ridiculous! It’s even redonkulous! Heck, I bet it’s even reduckulous!

Let me give you a brief history. In 1999, our President Joe Johnson resigned. He was pretty old. ANd while he’d gotten the job for being a good 'ol boy politician, there weren’t any major complaints. They hired J. Wade Gilley.

Gilley was maybe a bit intellectual to be a great administrator, but he was decent… except he started pushing people around and hired his mistress to a high-ranking position. As it turns out, he was dumb enough to send emails over the university computer about it. He was also bright enough to just leave town with his tail between his legs, but she got up and defended herself on television, and basically confirmed every stereotype about brainless mistresses you can imagine. I mean, she was dumb. Gilley was pretty obviously after something other than her bone-box.

Ugh. So they get Joe Johnson back in for a while.

Then they hire John Schumaker away from the University of Louiville. At exhorbitant cost and with ample salary and perks, I might add. Well… Schumaker worked out real purdy for a while. He was an energetic man, he was. In fact, it turns out he was maybe a little too energetic in front of audiences and a little too lazy away from them. He dashed from thing to thing, never really getting anything done. He never managed to botch up the UT system, but after requesting a new plane for UT, he hit the radar - and the wrath - of the local paper and the local politicians.

See, good 'ol Mr. Schumaker had been making some questionable expenditures. He wanted to redecorate… everything. He wanted a new plane. He’d been taking the old one on several very expensive trips to conferences to meet a certain women from the University of Georgia several times. (Purely academic, they claimed. So… yeah.) He wanted to take up the (somewhat ugly) UT-orange carpet in his office and put down University of Louiville color carpeting. He wanted his entire UT-supplied mansion (and this is a mansion in every sense of the word, believe me) redone. Then he wanted it done again. He bought $40,000 worth of liquor. He bought a several-hundred-dollar grill. Then he got rid of that and bought a $4,800 dollar grill. He bought a persian rug worth more than my car. His entertainment expensives amount to many times what I’ve earned in my entire life, including $165,000 just for football related entertainment.

He awarded a $300,000 no-bid contract to an old buddy who did some cockamamie study on opening a UT branch… in friggin’ China. Because that’s just what Tennessee needs to compete. (Needless to say, nothing ever happened with that and nobody wanted it. But Schumaker’s old buddy was $300,000 richer.) And suddenly, it seems that Mr. Schumaker was now getting divorced from Mr. Schumaker, and walked away with a handsome settlement… after having been real lovey-dovey in front of the UT officials interviewing them. Just odd, ain’t it? Eventually, Schumaker resigned (natch) and the Board paid him to go away without a fight.

His expense account people somehow all found “other opportunities”. Something about them having a “scratch my back - scratch your back” thing. But 'course that couldn’t be right… nobody never proved nothing y’all…

So Eli Fly showed up. I think he’s a jerk for stealing my old bosses’ office space, for which they carefully saved their furniture expense budgement and spent wisely to really spruce up a formerly dirty hole. He sat around, did nothing, and earned a fat paycheck.

There was another, extremely taxing and expensive, search. And finally, we get John Peterson. Finally, this guy was honest. Finally, we had a competent administrator.

Weeeeeeeelll, that’s not exactly wrong.

Unfortunately, Peterson seemed to think that “honest” and “competent” mean “demigod bestride the earth like a collossus”

He was paid an ample salary (considerably more than the President of the United States gets, and with almost as many perks). His staff were all hardened veterans of shifting administrations. He had a lot of people comitted to making UT work, because everyone else had been bloody well fired or had quit in exhaustion. He had every fucking advantage in the goddamn book.

Today, he quit, the bastard.

See, Good 'Ol Johnny Peterson had what we like to call a People Problem. His People problem was that he and his wife were giant assinine douchebags.

First, there was the research farm. Ut has a lot of little research bits stuck here and there, particularly in the Knoxville area and aaround East Tennessee. For some ungodly reason, Peterson wanted them. As many of them as he could get. BY god, he knew better than anyone how to run and administer them! SO he got his little farm, at least.

Of course, what the hell he was going to do with the thing once he got control was never answered. Not once. Nobody knew why he wanted it except to control the thing. He may have made some weird claim about efficiency, but it was so incomprehensible as to fail to even arouse laughter.

Next, he fired Loren Crabtree. Now, Crabtree was the University Chancellor, and a damn good one. And OK, he technically resigned, but everybody knew exactly what happened. Apparently, Crabtree was more in line with the faculty who didn’t much appreciate Peterson tinkering around with their programs and departments (again, apparently “just because”). Crabtree wouldn’t play ball with Peterson, so he was cut from the team. The firing aroused near-mutiny among some of the departments.

Then, just a few months ago, Peterson’s bitch wife apparently managed to piss off a major UT booster so badly (and we are talking a tears-and-screaming-fight here) that said Booster basically took her money, and then calle dup every one of her wealthy friends and told them not to bother donating anymore.

This happened after Peterson’s Bitch and the President himself invited said booster over. Apparently, The Bitch was so increidbly rude and insulting (and we are talking petty “nonstop stream of insults about hair, clothing and makeup”) that she basically offended everyone, includng people who were not there.

Well, y’know what?

Good Fucking Riddance.

Oh, and the dude who was interim Chancellor now gets to be interim President for 400 grand a year.

Aaaaand then there’s Phil Fulmer…

I really like the word “budgement” and will use it at every opportunity henceforth.

Wow. Tennessee is much more progressive than I thought.


Tennessee. The wrong UT.

I thought this thread was going to be aboutUT.

niblet_head, Longhorn class of … well, nevermind the year. Hook 'Em Horns!

Sign I once saw on a sheet hung from a dorm window on the Vanderbilt campus:

“Orange on back, red on neck, ain’t worth a sheet”.

War Eagle!

I blame the alumni.

400 grand a year seems to be an exorbitant amount to spend on any kind of administrator.

Does the UT receive any kind of government financial assistance?

If so, can’t the government - State or Fed - set upper limits on the amount of salary the University can offer to its upper echelon?

You don’t understand economics. Universities have to pay their administrator top dollar to attract the best talent. After all, it’s what the market demands.

Dude should have been able to buy two planes.

Oh yeah. The state pays for everything. It’s not so much just the cash but that virtually all expenses are usually taken care of (the temp dude doesn’t get all that).

The state has control, but it’s somewhat indirect. They ultimately control the Board, who chooses the President, who can set policies.

Actually, I’ll take on this. Being a University President can be not only a very cushy job but a remarkably easy one. At worst, you’re being paid lots and lots of money in order to occaisionally sort out an internal dispute and gladhand rich Alumni or beg the state for more money.

Yes, I could probably do the job much better than they do. However, in order to get the job, what you utlimately need is to be a squeaky-clean political type who doesn’t actually ever step into politics, with a ruthless backstabbing arm ready to destroy rivals or opponents and increase your fiefdom. Then, you can get picked for some nice top-tier position.

$400k isn’t much. The President of Ohio State University pulled in $775k last year, before bonuses. And the OSU guy is the President of one school… Peterson was in charge of 5 campuses (Knoxville, Chattanooga, Martin, Memphis (medical campus), and Tullahoma (a research institute)). So he is probably well underpaid for his responsibilities.

So you’re saying there’s a job opening there? Heck for 400k I’ll do the commute from Portland every so often for face time. I’ll even use the old plane and not buy a new one.

…and I was thinking, “All this is going on at the University of Toronto?” :slight_smile:

Sounds like you guys have a real bad case of Infectious Hubris going around. You might want to hose down the office and herd the next batch of candidates through a vat of sheep dip.

OK, I can see that. The rest of it is right out though.

People are still playing Unreal Tournament?

Yes, well, you can thank the TN Board of Regents, and their obsession with building up the UT football image. (Christ, I grew up just outside of Columbus, OH during the Woody Hayes era, that was serious football, not what UT has.) Not that its taken the incidents with UT to make me realize that they’re a bunch of ignorant fucks. Back in the late 80s, the president of MTSU was a total tard, because of his mismanagement, the school nearly lost its accrediation. (He failed to spend money on important stuff, like the university library.) When I got there in '87, they were still using card catalogs, the town library closest to me was in a town with a population roughly the same size as the student body of MTSU, and they’d ditched the physical card catalog for a computerized system a few years before. The only reason they didn’t lose their accreditation was that the president was promoted to the TBR, and his replacement agreed to make upgrading the library (and a few other things) a crash priority.

A year later, the TBR fired MTSU’s former president, becoming the first person to ever be fired from the TBR. He promptly sued them, saying that his contract didn’t allow him to be fired. I don’t know how it all worked out, but IIRC, nobody was beating on his door to offer him another job. The whole state’s edumacational system is fucked up. Thankfully, we still have Alabama, South Carolina, Louisiana, and Mississippi we can look down upon!

The actual President makes much more than $400,000. The acting President gets that. The actual President pulls in 700-800.

The current president somehow retained his job after multiple touchy-feely sexual harassment accusations a few years ago. In my graduation pic where I’m shaking his hand, I am leaning back and look vaguely terrified and disgusted and awkward. It’s a great pic.

MTSU’s (or MT, as they like to be called these days) major woe right now is the parking situation, and the alleged stabbing that took place over a parking space awhile back. And don’t forget the attempted shooting, where the contents of the girl’s purse stopped the bullet.

A criminal waste of taxpayer dollars.

From what is described above, they could get one of those smart chimps (and a trainer) to do a better job for a whole lot less money.

“Best talent”, my bleeding ass…