Jesus freaking Christ (UT president resignation - again)

UT President resigns
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This guy just started at UT a year ago. Bredesen just started a news conference announcing it. Severance terms indicate that he’ll be paid his base salary through the end of this year - at least we don’t have to compound the issue by paying his salary through the end of his contract (2008).

I think the press lately made this inevitable, and whether the allegations are true or not, it was going to happen by this point.

I’m just glad I only have 2 more semesters - let’s see if they can get rid of another president next year!

Do any of the Knoxdopers know the story behind the guy before him? I think whatever that experience was, it had a lot to do with the way this went, but I don’t know the story (or even the guys name).

Oh, the other UT. Never mind then.
[sub]Texas Longhorn here.[/sub]

Sorry, let’s not forget The University of Toledo.

Something tells me Tennessee’s presidents have the same agent as Alabama’s football coaches.

Or the University of Toronto.

That’s what I thought, Karma.

Could be worse – the University of Massachusetts just lost their president (ostensibly because his brother, Whitey Bulger is a very wanted felon and there’s suspicion that they’ve been in contact, but really because Gov. Romney was gunning for him). Bulger gets a $1,000,000 golden handshake plus a pension.

Lots of money for a state and university system that are in dire financial straits.

You have got to be joking about that name. Nobody is really called that.

Well, maybe this guy.

And this guy…

WTF? UT has its own plane and I’m stuck paying for things like scantrons!!

One semester left. I’m counting down the days.

What a fighter. People don’t usually survive Unreal Tournament long enough to retire. Kinda like James Caan, I suppose.

Oh. Never mind.

Jesus Christ + UT president…

I wondered what hot Mormon/ University gossip I missed…

Texas? BAH!

Heh, ain’t it a pisser? I was steamed when I heard that he was one of the highest paid college presidents in the US! Whatever merits UT may have, I don’t think that they’re enough to justify the salary and benefits that guy was getting. (His questionable business practices aside.)

The state had a sale this past week, where various state organizations sold items they no longer needed to other state organizations. My shop instructor went and was telling us about the things that were available. One of them was a brand new, black Escalade. His comment was that it must have been Shumakers.

Frankly, I’m sick of the way UT sucks all the state’s educational money up, leaving the other schools to scrape and UT has almost zero name recognition outside of TN. (Of course, as an immigrant from Ohio, I’m also disgusted by the whole UT football team worship that goes on in this state.)

Tuckerfan, thank you. I thought I was alone in dispising the football worshipping. Whenever anyone finds out I go to UT they ask me what I think of the football. I tell them I’m actually there for the academics, not the free game tickets. That normally leaves them with a confused look. I mean some one actually going to college for an education? Of course it might be the fact that the education I’m getting probably won’t get me far beyond Tennessee.

Lsura, sorry about the tangent. This place is just pissing me off more and more every day.

The tangent doesn’t bother me at all. And the football thing? It’s the one thing that almost made me postpone grad school - I’m here because I decided late and hadn’t missed this application deadline. I own nothing orange (ok, there is some orange on my Straight Dope t-shirt, but that’s it), and I don’t intend to. I do not need or have a big T on my car.

Oh, and I can’t get in-state tuition, even though I spent the first 22 years of my life here and graduated from a TN high school, but Shumaker can be paid enough that he can give back $25k? Yeah, it’s insane. I will finish in May, no matter what happens. There will be no Big Orange Screw for me (all I have left are 18 credits of electives + the comprehensive exam).

Good luck on trying to avoid The Screw. I was suppose to be done at the end of summer. I lacked some electives and a general history class. What didn’t they offer? The general history class. Now I’m stuck in this awful orange hell for another five months. I had to resign my lease, put off all my plans simply because when I asked the advisor long ago if this class would be offered over summer he said yes.

Apparently, nearly every university in TN has that as well. A friend of mine filed for his graduation papers at MTSU and was told that he didn’t take Freshman English (which is a bitch to get into because they never offer enough classes), even though his test scores on the college boards were high enough that he wasn’t required to take the class. Fortunately, he was able to dig up the necessary paperwork to back up his case and graduated on time. He’s one of the few people to be able to do that. Joke running around here is that MTSU is the only 5 year university in the US.

I’m another Tennessee resident who hates the adulation heaped upon the UT football team.

Because I went to UGA.


The story just keeps getting better, doesn’t it?


Oh, BTW, Lsura the guy who held Shumaker’s post before him had been there for 8 or 9 years, and is being considered for the interim, until they can find a replacement for Shumaker.

Yeah, Tuckerfan, it’d delightful

I’m a former internal auditor, and part of what I want to know is where the controls were to start with - if they were properly in place, we may not have gotten into this mess to start with.

The likely answer is that the UT internal audit department has no real power and gets little support from other management. It would be interesting to see previous purchasing audits and find out what was recommended then. Of course, if they never audited purchasing/the president’s office…then the IAD is full of idiots who don’t really know how to do their job (ok, maybe a little harsh, but you can’t ignore any part of an organization just because it’s way up in the heirarchy)>

I’m still irritated that I paid $12k in out of state tuition last year and this guy has a phone on a plane that cost more than that. Heck, that phone is worth more than my car.