What the hey?

How can a poster (Brick Road) have zero posts?

To be ironic, this thread just came up on my screen as having 0 views. How can you post without seeing your own post and giving the thread 1 view?

In addition, I have no clue how someone posts with zero posts.

Well, I remember when I had over 2100 posts [sup]and I’m still pissed about that![/sup]

I remember having 200 once…

A database glitch. He posted, but his post count didn’t update. It happens occasionally with our server being so heavily taxed.

Now, the real question is: how can this kid have such a long sig line? :slight_smile:

Oh, and off to ATMB.

Here’s what we say in the FAQ - technical issues:

Yep, sig files should not exceed four (4) lines and/or spaces, and I’ve just told him so.

As for the rest, yes, that was a glitch and should resolve.

your humble TubaDiva