What the world needs: [Tron]

Is another Tron movie. (a remake or a sequel or just something along the same lines but with today’s tech in mind)

And me as emperor (of course)

I could totally get behind that.

I want to watch Tron now.

No Tron in the works right now, though there are a few upcoming Reboot movies. They may make a nice substitute.

Tron Movies are nothing at all like love, sweet love.
That’s the only thing that there’s just too little of.

I’d bet that you’d find a willing audience for your idea over here. There was a rumor of a sequel to the film, with Jeff Bridges reprising his role in the original film. It was supposed to be similar to a high tech version of Apocalypse Now.

So, you’re saying it’s not “love, sweet love”?
But, it’s the only thing that there’s just too little of!

Okay, fine. Here’s your sweet, sweet lovin’. (Warning: Not technically NSFW, but does contain excessive body hair and electro space camels.)

Yeah, I’ve pretty much just been waiting for a good excuse to post that link.

You know, if they showed that, instead of those stupid “This is your brain on drugs.” commercials, we wouldn’t have a drug problem in this country.

They can’t improve on Tron. How could they ever beat the original special effects.

I love Tron. In fact, I have a copy that I ripped from the 25th anniversary edition sitting on my PDA right now. I remember back in the 80s watching the short-lived Tron-inspired TV show Automan and thinking it was a damn fine show and that it was a pity it never got picked up for subsequent seasons. I even liked the recent computer game, Tron 2.0, even if it took a lot of liberties with the concept.

Yeah, I could really get behind a sequel.

There was a computer game, Tron 2.0, that I liked a lot. It was a first-person shooter set in the Tron universe.

Isn’t there a Tron comic book out now?

Yes, there is. I believe they’re up to issue 4 now, although I haven’t been following it.

If they make another Tron movie, they have to let the Tron Guy make an appearance. They owe it to him for all the publicity.

Did someone edit my thread title?

Mods will often do that in the interests of clarity. Hell, it’s what got me to click on it.

I actually love the original visuals. Even now, 25 years later, they instantly suspend my disbelief and immerse me in that world. I think a remake would probably end up much more perfect, but much less atmospheric and effective.

Absolutely! The original effects are pretty crummy technically compared to what we have now, but the movie as a whole is enormously gripping. I’ve seen a lot of remakes that are technically great but boring as hell underneath.

I had the Tron game on my old intellivision setup. It was sorta fun. Get a million points and the orange immobilizers came for you.

I wonder if my old intellivision still works…

On the topic of this, I have the 20th Anniversary Edition on DVD, and it’s loaded with “making of” extras. It was absolutely fascinating to take a look into that pioneering age of computer animation.

The last thing we need is a Tron:Reloaded with state-of-the-art CGI.

The effects in Tron were pretty cool, and unique, and were a huge part of the tone of the film. Redo it with modern computer graphics and you have a wildly different film.