Is Tron 2.0 going to suck?

I think it’s going to be an automatic failure. They just can’t replicate the novelty of the original at the time it was released.


Pure speculation, but yeah, I think it’s going to suck, big time.

What? Tron 2.0 has been out for six years!


There’s some interesting things they can do with it. The original Tron was made in the era where an awful lot of software was made by either one creator or a very small team of creators. What happens in Tron 2.0 now that most commercial software is written by a large number of programmers? How many people had their hand in Windows Vista for example? It could lead to an entirely different world with neat implications. Or maybe I’m reading too much into Tron.

Maybe. Maybe not.

It’s called Tron Legacy, by the way.

I think they are approaching it as not just an excuse for more light cycle races, and actually trying to reflect the changing face of video games and technology. That will mean it could be quite a decent movie.

But lets face it, the first Tron is dazzling, but nothing that special in most other departments.

Bit: Yes yes yes yes

I think it’s a travesty that they didn’t offer the Tron Guy a cameo. I bet this movie wouldn’t have been made if he hadn’t brought Tron back to people’s attention.

I think it has a decent chance. It’s not gonna be as good as the original, but it has the potential to be a well-written parody/homage. But it could also be “Video Game Movie.”

The original movie did, so why shouldn’t the sequel?

Tron was a triumph of marketing. There are less than ten minutes of computer animated sequences in it, yet everyone thinks it was a triumph of computer animation. Most of the things than impress people were just live action.

It didn’t help that it had a silly plot where deus ex machina was routine.

You know, strictly speaking, Tron had a diabolus et machina, since the villains are programs within the machine. The solution that literally descends to the hero inside the computer comes from a human outside, so it’s kinda a deus ad machina.

Besides which, I liked Tron, and have the DVD. I always knew that most of the stuff in the computer was hand-drawn (and the immense list of animators at the end – for once with the names written in oriental characters – would confirm that to anyone paying attention). It had creative art by Giraud and some nifty games (that actually played out well as quarter-eating video games).
I haven’t seen anything about this remake, but computer games and their assoiated style and culture have changed enormously since 1982. Unless they take that into account, I don’t think it’ll work.

All I have seen of the new film is the teaser with two light cycles that can turn in curves rather than right angles. That ain’t a good sign.

That said I’m too young to have seen Tron in the cinema but old enough to have seen it in my childhood and thus have fond memories. So no matter what the reviews say I’ll probably be going to see it on a big screen.

That trailer actually made me stand up and shout “yeah”. Not so much because of the lightcycles (although I do find them, and the re-imagined Tron world, immensely pretty) but because Jeff Bridges is in it! In two incarnations no less! fuzzy happy feelings

That would only work if they cast Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson in it.

Wasn’t that a subroutine?