What the!?

There are 2 soldiers in camo across the street and a young man doing sit-ups with his toddler son looking on… Jade Helm?? Me and 2 other nosey old ladies went out,just to let them know they’d been spotted;):wink:

  1. Where exactly are you, and
  2. Why is this causing such a notable reaction in you?

**Run! Runnnnnnn!

**(“Jade Helm” cracks me up, because it makes me think of the Japanese euphemism “playing the jade flute.”)

OP: It’s Jade Helm all right. Which is actually a false-flag cover for an actual attack against the citizenry.

Run for the hills. And whatever you do, don’t do anything that creates heat; their IR-equipped drones will spot from miles away and you’ll be blasted into oblivion.

…The Sky is Falling…!*
*Everything’s bigger in Texas; even The Crazy

I notice that the OP hasn’t returned to the thread since confronting the “soldiers”…

Perhaps this should thread should be merged with this one. :wink:

Bastrop County,Texas – where there are more crazies than you can count.
Look it up. Mostly I’m looking on in amazement and amusement at our new Governor and the loonies who’ve scuttled out from under their rocks

The OP does have other things to do than hover over the keyboard:cool:

The Op was not Amused. ;-p

Tell you what; is we toss over to you free a Beanbag Chair that we find totally useless and have no room for here, can we call it even?

Oooh! Beanbag chair!! The cats could sleep on it :slight_smile:

In other news,I get to have a kidney stone removed next week.


…catcher’s mitt…?