What things do you make most often for dinner?

A nice soy burger tends to make a cheap, quick, easy meal. Mostly just with some mayo, and a sprinkling of locally made “veggie pepper.”

Mmmm…Soylent Green.

-Hot Dogs or brats
-Breakfast Burritos
-Bacon, eggs, and toast
-Fried rice
-Frozen Pizza

Repeat as needed. The time of day is not a factor.

A question please? Chicken fried steak…is it chicken or steak? If it is chicken (and it sounds like it is ) how is it steak fried? Instructions please!

Our weekly meal deal;

It’s winter so Sunday nearly always is soup and crusty bread (current fav, lentil soup…very garlicly and gingery).

Tuesdays and Thursdays are late nights so usually a crock pot deal, usually Morroccan-ish (a curent fad).

At least once week we have steak…quick easy and yum.

Also once a week some pasta deal (this week it have pork mince cause I found a yummy sounding recipe).

I noticed several of you mentioned pork chops, one of my favs. How do you do them? I tend to marinade them in lemon juice, olive oil and rosemary and then roast them with potatoes in the same marinade.

We love lamb chops and seem to have them once a week and a roast chicken is at least fortnightly. Rissotto is also fairly common

Friday night is no-cook night. We either buy a cooked chicken/bacon or smoked salmon and do sandwiches or we make homemade pizza (pre-made bases).

It is steak friend in the manner of fried chicken. Breaded and friend in a pan. It is sometimes called Country-fried steak. There are tons of recipes for it on the 'net.

EWWWWWW seriously? Why would you do that to steak!

We’re like Athena, I think.

Fall and winter tend to involve a lot of stewy/soupy type things that simmer for a long period of time and make the whole house smell good. Perennials include bacon-lentil soup, short rib ragu, my mother’s legendary spaghetti sauce, braised lamb, beef stew, and various forms of chili. Oh, and lots of roasts - roast chicken, roast beef, roast pork and meatloaf.

Spring and summer revolve around whatever protein can be grilled or smoked on the BBQ and whatever produce looked appealing at the farmer’s market and/or greengrocer. We try to avoid throwing anything into the oven, though I’ll usually end up making more than my fair share of baked foods this time of year… lots of fruit crisps and pies and cakes and loaves, oh my. Other than that, it’s really just whatever inspiration called to me on that particular day.

But really, what else could you expect from an Abstract Random foodie? :slight_smile:

I only eat about three things.

I don’t like food, much.

LOL. Well, all I can say is try it. It isn’t something I would eat regularly, but it an interesting experience. It is served with cream gravy and biscuits.


Mind you, I prefer a nice Filet instead, but I have had it and don’t hate it.

Thanks for the recipe. I will give it a try.

A good chicken-fried steak is food of the gods. You do need to find the right “steak” - I’m not sure if cube steak is a worldwide phenomena or something just in the US. It’s basically a low end cut of meat that’s been run through a tenderizing machine (you can see one here).

It’s not by any means healthy, but boy oh boy, it can be tasty if done right.

Perhaps **calm kiwi ** was referring to the “breaded and friend in a pan” part. You must have a lot of friends, that you can dispatch them so regularly.

Ground beef, browned in a large skillet. Douse liberally with black pepper and garlic salt. Add in dark red kidney beans, mushroom slices, and choped white onions. Put lid on and simmer on low until beans are tender.

Not the highest-class dinner, but it’s super cheap and effort free, not to mention tasty!

Careful now. You’re talking about the state dish of Texas. Besides, chicken-fried steak doesn’t use what you would call, quality, tender steak. It’s meant for some tougher pieces that get tenderized like crazy before being cooked. CFS, biscuits and gravy is the Breakfast of the Gods.™

Tacos, meatloaf, chicken fried steak, sauteed chicken livers, spaghetti and meatballs, pork chops, assorted grilled meats like chicken, ribs and sausage. All served with a starch and a green vegetable or salad.

I crockpot stuff about once a week, too. Chicken, mushrooms and veggies with a cream sauce or tomato-based sauce, or beef pot roast or stew.

Chicken-fried chicken is very tasty, and fun to say, too. :smiley:

Steaks, cooked on the grill, 3-4 times a week.

I’n a vegetarian, and my wife isn’t. We both eat the same thing most days, but occasionally she feels like meat or fish, and on those days we’ll usually make a salad or some vegetables to go with her meat, and i’ll do some tofu or something similar for myself.

Anyway, of our regular meals, we each have “our” dishes.

On of my most frequent contributions is spaghetti with olives, artichokes, capers, garlic, pepper, and herbs, with parmesan cheese on top. Takes about 20 minutes to cook, and we often have a salad of arugula and cherry tomatoes on the side. We have that once a week, at least.

I also have some different stir-fry combinations, and a few Chinese tofu-based dishes like a fried battered tofu dish with mushrooms, and a black bean tofu and greens dish. In summer, i regularly do a really nice soba noodle salad with chili-orange oil dressing and fresh bean sprouts, peppers, carrots, tofu, etc. I’ve recently also gotten back into making lentil loaf. It’s great as a hot meal with mash and veggies, and it’s also excellent cold for use on sandwiches and as a snack by itself.

My wife does a very nice spaghetti carbonara using fake bacon, as well as a peanut sauce pasta that i really like. She loves kale, and cooks with it in a variety of ways, including pasta dishes, frittatas, stir fires, etc. She’s also great at omelettes. And, when she has more time, she’s also really good at cooking Indian food from scratch.

We both like to make thick, hearty soups/stews in winter. Pile a whole bunch of vegetables, some beans and some herbs in a pot, and let it cook. One big pot, with some bread, is good for a few meals.

Grilled chicken.

Here’s my recipe, such as it is:

Round steak
Lawry’s Seasoned Salt
Poultry seasoning
Fat of some sort (preferably butter)

Note on measurements: I rarely measure. I use about half a pound of steak per person, and it ALL gets eaten up.

Note on fat: I use enough to cover the bottom of the skillet to a depth of about 1/8 inch, and add more as I need it.

Slice onions and mushrooms. Fry in fat, remove, set aside.

Mix flour, seasoned salt, and poultry seasoning. Use enough seasoning that the flour is sort of a light orangy-grey. Cut steak into small bite sized pieces. Pound with meat tenderizer (the utensil, not the enzyme) until QUITE thin. Dredge in seasoned flour, let rest, dredge again. Fry in hot fat, a few at a time, keeping a very close watch on the pieces. Turn once They will cook very quickly, due to being thin. Remove cooked pieces, keep warm, add new pieces until all the steak is cooked.

Make cream gravy from leftover flour and fat.

VERY good with mashed potatoes.

Most people don’t cut the steak into small pieces, but my family likes it that way. I also like to pound the steak thinner than most people do. It’s a matter of personal preference.

Dammit, now I want chicken-fried steak.

Is there any equivalent seasoning that I can use instead of Lawry’s? I don’t think it’s available in Canada, although it seems a common U.S. thing.