What things do you make most often for dinner?

Just curious. I think most people have a few dishes in rotation that get made once a week or once every two weeks. Might be because of ease, taste, mental exhaustion, happen to always have clams in wine sauce in the pantry, whatever.

What do you make most often, and why?

Frittata- quick, easy, a good way to make sure I eat a reasonable amount of protein and some vegetables.

Spaghetti- I make the sauce up in big batches and freeze, so it only takes enough time to boil the pasta and heat up the sauce. Plus, sauces can be inventive and interesting.

Pot roast- I’m just addicted to pot roast. And the leftovers are so yummy.

I don’t like to cook, so once a week I make up a batch of Twix Chow ™, which I then nuke a serving at a time. Twix Chow consists of some combo of protein, starch, veg, and sauce. Sample varieties:
[li]Hamburger, pasta, mushrooms, spaghetti sauce[/li][li]Chicken, black beans and garbanzos, tomatoes and corn (no addl. sauce necessary)[/li][li]Tuna, pasta, peas, cream of mushroom soup[/li][li]Ham, scalloped potatoes, asparagus (no add. sauce necessary)[/li][/ul]

I’m not proud of the fact that I’m so totally the anti-foodie, but it does simplify my life that I can treat food simply as fuel.

Hi-Fiber rotini pasta with tomato sauce. (Basically spaghetti.) Very, very easy to make.

Chicken stir fry with vegetables and rice. Very, very easy to make.

Redskin potatoes, sliced into discs and baked. Very, very easy to make.

Notice a pattern here?

I’m really sloppy and careless when it comes to cooking, so most of the time I do a stir fried anything, which would consist of some vegetables and whatever meat I have, plus some seasoning.

twicks, Mr. Lissar did exactly the same thing before he married me and acquired someone who cooks. Except his meals were much, much worse.

Example: ground beef, frozen mixed veg, cheese, rice, tomato sauce, soy sauce, oregano, eggs. Boil in pan together.

It’s summer, so all of our “cooking” happens on the grill. Chicken hindquarters, brats, London broils (bacon wrapped around a chunk of sirloin), and ribeyes or chuckeyes. Side dishes are baked beans (from a can) or veggies in foil. If it’s raining, we’ll have pasta.

In the winter, we do a lot of crock pot roasts, stews, chicken and noodles, and chili, or maybe a meat-potatoes-veggie.

I make quiche probably at least once every two weeks if not every week. Usually broccoli quiche. There is probably a zucchini casserole in the fridge more often than not. I make refried beans and we eat a lot of variations on Mexican stuff (tostadas, chimichangas, etc).

Y’know, we really don’t have a two week rotation of anything around here. I thought I did, but when I tried to figure out what it was, I can’t think of anything.

Instead, we go in stages. Like in the spring/summer, we grill out a lot, so I tend to have chunks o’ meat (steaks, chicken, pork tenderloins, whatever) in the freezer and grillable veggies (eggplant, asparagus, cherry tomatos, etc) in the fridge. Throw it all on the grill and eat.

Salads are also popular in the summer - both green salad, or things like pasta salad (make a big dish of it, eat it for a few days) or potato salad.

In the fall & winter, we switch to soups, stews, braises, and pasta. Puttanesca (spaghetti with tomatoes, anchovies, black olives, and capers) shows up a lot since it’s easily made with stuff from the pantry, as is linguine with white clam sauce. Chile, too.

But there’s nothing really year-round that we eat once or twice a month with regularity (at least not for dinner. We do the same breakfasts/lunches quite a bit). I like to change it up based on the season.

We have a foreman grill, so we do marinated chicken [usually deboned thighs or breasts, skin on] one night [different marinades] marinated steak one night [different marinades], baked fillets of fish done in the oven[varies between cod, haddock, salmon or tuna] 2 nights a week, and stir fried something once a week. Can be shrimp, beef or chicken.

We have a couple different favorite veggies - we love asparagus and artichoke in season, grilled yellow crook neck or summer squash, and do them as often as possible in season. Cabbage steamed with balsamic vinegar usually once a week, rice and potatoes are more common than pasta, and we love baked sweet potatoes a lot, and do them at least once a week also. In the summer we do a lot of tossed salads and raw veggies as lunches/snacks.

My dinner staple is salad made with broccoli coleslaw, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms and chicken (or sometimes smoked salmon). Usually bleu cheese or jalapeño-ranch dressing. All wrapped up in Trader Joe’s lavash.

I like to use our pressure cooker to whip up spaghetti sauce, a variety of stews and chowders, and some nice pot roasts.

Otherwise, barbequed pork-fried rice, hot and sour soup, wiener backhun (chicken version of wiener schnitzel) with capers and lemons, chicken tikka masala with papadam, and the occasional lasagna are mainstays of my recipes.

My basics for when I cook on automatic: lasagne, cottage pie, stir fry (chicken or beef), roast leg of lamb, mac & cheese, roast chicken thighs, pasta & pesto - they’re all easy, filling, make super left overs and everyone likes them so there’s no grumbling.

Chicken, rice, spaghetti, corn and peas and broccoli, cauliflower, soup, pork chops or steak, potatoes…

The most common recurring theme in my dinners are highballs.

I have pork chops pretty often. I loves me some pork chops.

I do a lot of variations on surf 'n turf because the spouse needs/wants red meat and most often I don’t.
Salmon, tilapia, shrimp, lamb loin chops, pot roast, roast chicken.
Lasagne, eggplant parmesan. Brats. Buffalo burgers with gorgonzola.
Pasta with italian sausage. Red potatoes steamed then fried briefly in olive oil with some rosemary. Or maybe fresh green beans with lemon and basil.
In season, pasta with freshly made pesto.
Salad every night, heavy on the romaine but there might be some purple cabbage in there, gussied up with either tomatoes or tangerines and fresh mozzarella or gorgonzola.
Always bread, some sort of baguette or other, with butter and/or olive oil.
I just sort of do these same things over and over again, depending on what’s on sale.

-Pasta Carbonara - pasta, bacon and eggs. (Lotsa crispy bacon /yum)
-Spaghetti (go crazy with all sorts of homemade pastas; sometimes with meatballs)
-Cheesy hamburger and hashbrowns (inspired by Hamburger Helper Cheesy Hashbrowns). Saute up ground beef and onion and spice and season up the beejezus out of it (chili, cumin, salt, pepper, red pepper, wine). Shred a potato or two, and add it with some butter or olive oil to the hamburger meat. At this point I add a bit of salt and pepper and let everything get brown and yummy. Shred up cheddar cheese or make a cheese sauce and serve on top. *I’ve added peas, and mushrooms and still turns out very good.
-Chicken, broccoli, cheese casserole
-Salads w/homemade dressing (Martha Stewart and the Joy of Cooking/Salads, have some really great and easy dressings to make in a snap)
-Potatoes (Idaho and Sweet - baked in whole potato or ‘fry’ shaped)

Our default meals are usually baked potatoes and salad. That’s the “didn’t plan anything, too tired to cook” meal. But otherwise we have a pretty good mix going. No one meal more than once every 2 weeks or so, between the wife and I both cooking. Crock pot, grill and wok get used about equally around here.

Stir fries several times a week.
Lately, salmon patties (easy on the budget).
Weekends, sometimes a roast chicken with veggies (leftover chicken goes into stir fry or salads for a couple of days).
Salads with plain meat dishes.

Single and a lazy cook…can you tell? :slight_smile:

Spaghetti with meat sauce, meatloaf with potatoes, chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and cream gravy, pork chops/steaks, soup or stew, grilled or broiled beef steaks are our most frequent meals. I aim for one protein dish, one starch dish, and a couple of nonstarchy veggie dishes. Chicken fried steak MUST be served with mashed potatoes and cream gravy, for instance, but the nonstarchy veggies will vary. During the summer I will frequently make up a veggie platter and call that the veggie portion, and rely on it for a few meals. I might add a few deviled eggs or pickles to the platter, too.

My husband would eat some sort of pasta dish every other day, if I’d make it. And on most of the rest of the days, he’d be very happy with chicken fried steak (we call it smashed steak around here, because I tenderize it).