What things have you done more of than the average person?

Definitely walking. I’ve never driven in my life, and I love to walk. I’ve probably logged more miles than 90% of the population.

And reading books. I’m always carrying a book and I’ve read more than anyone I know. When people remark that I read a lot, I respond “Yes. And I breath a lot too.” To me, they are equally important.

Motorcycling. Even among motorcycle owners (as opposed to the general public), I’ve done a lot; I have about 175,000 miles under my belt. My annual mileage has gone down since getting married about ten years ago and spending the lion’s share of my vacation time with my wife, but I still have some vacation time set aside for touring and manage to put in about 3000-5000 miles per year.

Probably moved a lot. I moved 16 times before I was 18, and that doesn’t count coming from India to here. I also moved many times as an adult…let me see…

7 or 8 times as an adult, but the frequency dropped way, way down.

Nights in hotel rooms. I remember reading an article in an in-flight magazine where they gave awards to “America’s greatest road warriors.” These people were bragging about spending 100-150 nights a year in a hotel. “Peanuts!” said I.

At the time, I approaching about 250 nights that year. At my travelling peak, I was in a hotel a few nights shy of 300 one year.

I won’t go into hobbies because anyone with a hobby does that particular thing more than average.
I would say I spend more time just observing human behavior, animal behavior too for that matter.

Plowing snow/shoveling. Not as a pro or business, but for my home.

It’s a pretty lite snow year so far. 52 inches. We keep a daily tally for fun. The biggest year was 32 feet. We usually get 25 feet of snow or so (not all at once, but sometimes it feels like it) :smiley:

I’m on my second plow truck. And second tractor/loader. 24 years at 11,200 feet.

Driving in general.
350K on two motorcycles.
650-700k on-the-job driving.
Whatever normal driving like everyone else.

Bicycling. When my last bike just plain wore out, I did some quick calculating, and realized that I had put somewhere between 2000 and 3000 miles on it.

Plus a lot of things related to my profession. I’m quite certain, for instance, that I’ve done more integrals than the average person. Possibly more even than the average physicist, if one counts integrals I’ve programmed a computer to solve on my behalf.

Repairing nuclear reactors. It’s not my primary job but I’ve done it twice. Underwater.

Moved, run miles, done pushups, lifted weights, fired weapons/shot things, worn uniforms, slept outside, broken the speed limit, read RPG rulebooks, programmed computers, mixed drinks, poured beer, shoveled snow, mowed lawns, been awesome, gotten ear and/or sinus infections, caught snakes, hated cats, played games, had security clearances, cleaned things, built computers, baked pies, used turn signals, listened to music, and probably taken naps. Maybe some other stuff.

Same here. I’ve done an awful lot of cycling.
And, professionally, I’ve probably built more lasers than your average physicist. My graduate work required me to either build new lasers to see if they worked, or to construct a laser around the rest of my experiment every time I needed to take data.

Touched my wiener. Nobody’s done it more than I have.

Hadn’t even thought of that. I moved a few times when I was a kid. As an undergraduate, I moved to/from school every year, plus a couple of summer school sessions. Moved several more times in grad school, and a few more times since then. Grand total is 26. Yikes. :eek:

Number of skin-tags professionally removed. Over 225 :eek:

Drink (low-calorie) lemonade. For at least the past 5 years, I’ve drunk an average of 40 oz. a day.

Visited the North Pole (Autumn, 1982; and Summer, 1985).

As part of my past jobs and being the “local” free fix your computer guy, particularly back in the day…I suspect I spent a damn lot of time/events watching a problem computer reboot or reloading a recalcitrant operating system.

Particularly when any given person would try to do it a couple of times and it wouldn’t work so they would give up. I’d do it for fucking hours on end and by some magic it finally would take.

And back then it was just the right amount of pain in the ass. Not so long between prompts that you could actually DO anything else…but not so short between prompts you weren’t bored shitless.

Learned to sip a lot of Sambucco doing this.

I’ve done far more CPR than the average person.

I have more arms than the average person.

Your lung condition and blood stats must be amazing… :slight_smile: