What things have you done more of than the average person?

What bike wore out after 2000-3000 miles? I have averaged around 3500 miles per year for the last 6 years spread across my 3 bicycles. Roadbike one is a 1997 (I bought used 6 years ago), one is a 2000 (bought new - mountain bike) and the third is a 2001 (another roadbike bought used 3 years ago). All are still on the original gears and chains (at least the ones that were on when I bought them). Bottom-bracket replaced on the mountain bike. Replaced one wheel (one road bike had too few spokes in the rear wheel for loaded travel and they kept breaking). That’s it for major repairs. Lots of tires and tubes.

Me: I’ve biked more than the average person. And motorcycled. :smiley:

A really cheap used one. When my nice bike got stolen, I could only afford to spend less than $100 on an interim replacement. Fortunately, when it wore out, I was in a bit better place financially, so my current bike is better.

Then I commend you for making it that far on a cheapie! :smiley:

Visited Hard Rock Cafes and drank the Hurricane to keep the souvenir glass. I’ve been to 36 so far.

Flying in and out of airports. I’m up to 94 now (not counting three grass fields in the Masai Maru) on all six continents with airports.

It actually makes me very sad how little exercise and how few books read puts one over the U.S. “average.”

I do recreational walking (also for health.) About six miles a week. Nothin’ special, right? Actually pretty trivial. But that little amount is still way more than the U.S. average.

And how many books does the average American read in a year? I’m a slow reader, and my total is probably around 120. But the average Yank? I just looked it up: the average is 12, and the median is 5. That’s not only depressing, it’s also scary!

Sex. Now, I don’t think I’m Wilt Chamberlain (although he boasted about the number of women, not the number of times he had sex), but I’ve had sex a lot. On average, probably a couple of times a day for going on 20 years (with two year-long breaks spent in Iraq :(). A day without sex for me is extremely rare, but a day where I have sex more than twice is actually pretty common. So “twice a day on average” is a conservative estimate.

When I hear married men say they’re lucky to have sex once a week, or read that the average sex session lasts under a minute, I count my lucky stars. Again, I’m not trying to brag, just illustrate that I’m above average. I’m sure there are plenty of guys who have way more sex than me, but I’m certain the average guy does not.

Walk dogs I’ve never met before.
Walk dogs that aren’t mine.

5+ years volunteering with dog rescue and at my local shelter
just over a year as a paid dog walker/pet sitter

Uh…I love to read. I consider myself quite literate. But I average 4 or 5 books a year. Why? Because I’m too busy walking, doing yoga, writing programs, reading long form articles, watching documentaries, going to museums, teaching myself to cook, exchanging ideas on message boards, catching up on sleep, painting/sculpting, and practicing my keyboard. I don’t think I’m at some great disadvantage because I don’t have every NY Times bestseller checked off on my reading list. I believe I’ve got a schedule full of enriching activities.

I engage in arguments with internet denizens more than the average person probably does.

Most people have more than the average number of arms.

Chamomile tea consumption.

[li]Being seen by mental health people. (40+)[/li][li]Taking psych-meds for MDD. (2 dozens or so)[/li][li]Surgery on my penis. (4, maybe a 5th one someday, or not.)[/li][li]Being on SS Disability for 20years, as of December.[/li][/ul]

For a long time I was up there, I was doing 20-30k a year, I was all over the US every year, and parts of Europe as well. Then I got married and had kids. Even with being divorced I only got in 1800 miles this past year, and that saddens me.

I swim more then the average person, though far less then most swimmers.

So, DrCube, how many partners is that? Two new ones every day, or just one who shares your enthusiasm? Somewhere in between?

I hear you on that. When people hear that I bike to work every day, most of them are amazed, and think I’m some sort of freak. Um, no. It’s really easy, and I’m not even particularly athletic.


Not in the sense of “awesome athlete preparing for an Ironman competition”
More in the sense of “a drop of water hitting the same spot for a million years”

I have probably spoken to more suicidal people than an average person will ever know in their lifetime—I did several years of evening shifts on a crisis hotline. Another square in my checkered past.

Number of Brothers and sisters. 4 each.

Also nephews and nieces. 23

I suppose I’ve handled more venomous snakes than the average person. More non-venomous too, in all likelihood. Caught, weighed, and measured more alligators than the average person.

Written novels. One pro published, three (four next month) self published, five web published, and three more in the works. All a minimum of 90000 words each.

Working the night shift for 20+ years, I’ve seen more all nighters than your average joe.

Also, as a result of that, I’ve eaten “dinner” for “Breakfast” more than most. Also probably have drank more beers between the hours of 7am and 10am than most folks.

Public speaking.

It’s my job. I’ve done speeches/presentations in front of as few as three people, and as many as 3000. Average 10-12 days a month where I do some form of presentation to groups, and I’ve been in this profession for about 20 years. 10 times a month x 12 months equals 120 times a year times 20 years equals about 2400 times I’ve done something that many people rate as their biggest fear.

Yeah, I’m pretty badass. HA!