What this about the Denver Airport?

A student of mine pointed out the large number of conspiracy sites that deal with Denver Airport. Apparently it was built by the New World Order and is filled with Masonic and Nazi Symbolism.
Knowing this is total pooh, I wonder if there is any information out there that will set this student straight.
Myself, I was intrigued by the weird art in the airport. Does anyone know what the hell this kind of stuff is doing in an airport?
Google Denver Airport Art to get a view.

Snopes is always a good place to start for this and they have a message board similar to this one in some ways.


There is a list of mysterious deaths associated with it as well.

Snopes.com has debunked this list, noting 1) many of those claimed to be assassinated actually died from very well documented accidents that leave no possibility of assassination 2) a political figure who becomes President of the United States will have a loosely defined circle of “associates”, and many of these associates are in dangerous positions (police officers, pilots, soldiers) or older men in high stress jobs (therefore at greater risk of dying of stress related disease or suicide).”


The layout of the runways DOES vaguely resemble a swastika, but you can easily see practical reasons for the design: