What time did Sons Of Anarchy show?

What time did SOA come on at? I tried google, and I got a bunch of links to TV guide type sites stating its no longer on. I was able to find out that it showed on Tuesday, but I couldn’t find the actual time anywhere.

In my area it was on at 9 pm.

Regular viewers said, “Oh, come on!” at least twice each episode. :slight_smile:

I know Jax said “That’s not gonna happen” like clockwork.

Thanks for the responses :slight_smile:

Netflix was carrying at least through Season 6 for awhile. Maybe it’s 7 now too? Also stores like Target have all the episodes in a package, I think it’s around $45 or so US.

It’s funny how hard it can be to find simple info like this. I recently spent a LOT of time trying to establish show times and days for a mid-1980s program, and it’s essentially lost info unless you can find a major newspaper archive that includes the TV listing pages… and then slowly work though broadsheet pages of fine type.

also, “I’m not gonna let that happen, bro” which meant it would DEFINITELY happen.

It was on at 10pm.

If it was on NBC on Thursday, here you go.

Also, [ABC on Friday.](TGIF (TV programming block) - Wikipedia lineup history)