What to call the author of the op-ed piece? [anonymous NYT article about Trump]

I await your suggestions. My wife suggests Deep Stoat (that’s a chiefly British word for a weasel). I certainly cannot improve on that.

I’ve been going with Lodestar.

Patriot, Traitor or Opportunist. Depends on your point of view.


Just the few word description that people are currently using–as this op-ed will be completely forgotten in a short time–just like the vast majority of front page news.

Veep throat

Over in the Clusterfuck thread, Brian Ekers called him “Deep Thwart.” I liked that one

Follow the money.:wink:



7 No Trumps

A distrumpled employee.

no, from a UK point of view this is a stoat. and this is a weasel. Separate animals entirely.

As my kids would say, a weasel is weasely recognisable while a stoat is stoatally different.

But for the purpose of allowing your wife’s excellent suggestion to work lets just agree that it is indeed, very much like a big weasel.

Dammit. Beaten to it. They are both pretty similar mustelids though; some are otterly different.

I don’t think it is Pence. He was described as someone fearful of losing his job, which Pence could not. I am now going with John Kelly as suspect #1. I further bet he has covered his ass to the point where we will not find out for 30 years.

Edited title so it’s a bit clearer.

I think of him/her as more “Deep Gloat.”

The inability of all these people to come out publicly and argue forcefully for Congress to act is key. Sure, leaking stuff is fun but it doesn’t actually do the country any good. Too many people are taking the wimp approach. “Sure, I could say something but then I’d lose my job/seat and what good does that do?” Keeping down helps the worst people. Doing good often involves risk. People have to take bold, public actions. So, my suggestion:

Sheep Throat.

I’d suggest ‘Deep State’, if not for the fact that the Narcissist in Chief probably wouldn’t get the joke.:eek:

Combine scandal memes into Deep Stategate.