What to do about the SF PD?

According to this Reuters story, seems like half the senior cops in San Francisco have been indited – 9 of them, including the Chief, one of his Assistants, 2 Deputy Chiefs, and a police captain.

Apparently the Chief will stay on for the moment. And, the Chief gets to determine whether the others will stay on until charges are resolved, or until he himself is suspended. Wanna guess what that call will be.

Apparently an Assistant Chief’s son (also a cop) got into a brawl. An investigation into the brawl led to a grand jury charging the higher-ups with a coverup.

I don’t have an HO as to whether this is justified, or a prosector going for headlines, or even a grand jury that’s gone way past anything the prosecutor was asking for.

Any local types have some more light to shed on this?