What to do in NYC?

I’m taking a trip to New York with my girlfriend in early December and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. We’ve been once(3 days) and did all the really big touristy stuff(Statue of Liberty,ESB,etc). Now we’re looking for things to do that the entire world already doesn’t know about.

I dunno, it’s so hard to find anything to do in that sleepy little berg. I like the video games at ESPN.

Every time that this question comes up, I point out that the best person to answer this question in our in-house NYC tourist expert Stuyguy. His classic thread on this question is Vacation Advice, Please, but I would suggest that you do a search on his name for the many other threads where he has posted, including this one.

Yeah…I found his “classic thread” after I posted my question…I just hot so freekin’ tired of waiting for the search to go through I just went ahead and posted. Thanks.