What to do with a bottle of whisky.

Yeah, drink it. heh. Seriously:

A coworker gave me a bottle of 100 proof barrel aged Canadian club whisky. His cousin gave it to him, and he doesn’t like hard liquor. I don’t drink much, and when I do it is usually beer, wine, or some girlie coconut drink.

I have absolutely nothing to do for the rest of the day, and am considering getting a buzz on in a little bit. The above mentioned whisky is the only alcohol I have.

I opened the bottle and sniffed it, and am pretty sure I will instantly die if I attempt to drink it straight.

I have a few different sodas, some juices and stuff I could mix with it…is it gross to try to mix whisky with other stuff? I have no idea.

There is a 7-11 store within walking distance from me where I could get some other ingredients to make the whisky more palatable.

Any suggestions?

It will mix pretty well with either Coke or 7 Up.

Or Squirt.
Mix it with Squirt for a nice mellow (girlie) Whisky Sour.

You should try a bit straight, but do it the right way: pour about a half shot in a glass, and let it sit for five minutes. Take a sip. If it’s still too harsh, give it another five minutes.

If you’ve got some sweet vermouth, you can make something fairly similar to a Rob Roy/Manhattan. Take a half shot vermouth, one and a half shots whisky, and serve it over ice. Coke’s another good mixer.

There’s nothing you can do to dress up whiskey for me. I just. don’t. like it. If it was the last booze on the planet, I’d be a non-drinker.

This sounds like a fine whiskey. If so, don’t even think of insulting it with Coke, 7-up or Squirt. Drink it straight, with water or soda or give it to someone who appreciates it.

Canadian Club is indeed a fine whisky (not whiskey with an “e”, Canadians don’t spell it that way). In a six once highball glass, fill to the top with ice, add one ounce of the whisky and two ounces filler (water, soda, tonic). Not too harsh, and a couple of those will get you a little buzzed, I suppose. If that’s a little much for you, subsitute the water for 7up. I hear CC & 7 is supposed to be really good.

I was under the impression Canadian Club is considered crap. When did it get good?

Oh yeah but, like Leviosaurus said, I personally wouldn’t recommend using that particular spirit for mixing with 7up or Coke. Normal CC is 80 proof, aged six years, and that’s what I would recommend for mixing with 7up or Coke.

If it’s hot where you are, it’d probably be good in a tall glass of lemonade.

Base brand Canadian Club (80 proof, which is what most are thinking of when they order CC & 7) is actually a popular call brand here in the States. The 100 proof variety that the OP has comes in a barrel, is aged six years, and is a step up from the base brand. It certainly isn’t crap, though I wouldn’t call it top-shelf.


Just to be clear - I’m not a whiskey snob, you’ll find me drinking plenty of Jack & Cokes. But when you get a really good whiskey, you don’t do that with it. The only point of having Really Good Whiskey is to be able to taste it. If I’m wrong about this one being fine, then hey, pour all the junk in it you want, and I’ll be the first one up to the bar. But you don’t use a $200 bottle of merlot to make sangria fizz punch, and you don’t include Coke in your glass of Cardhu. That’s what 2 Buck Chuck and Jack Daniels are for.

Keep your tongue down for the sipping. Whiskey’s kick is far more intense if you let it slosh around your lower molars.

Canadian Club is good when the Crown Royal supply has been depleted. :wink:

Seriously, why not drink it the way Canadians do? Just mix it with ginger ale.

Canadian Club 100 proof is a good mixing whisky, but not worth drinking neat. Try whisky and ginger beer as an alternative summer drink. Also you can cook with whiskey in several interesting ways, for red meat sauces, cakes and deserts.

Thank you all for your suggestions. I tried to drink it straight, and couldn’t do it. I put some in a glass with ice and a twist of lemon, still no go. I finally found this huge glass that I have, put about four shots worth in it with ice, and filled the glass with Sierra Mist. (sort of like Sprite) I also through in about five cherries, just for fun. It is now drinkable.

I am on my second glass and am pretty buzzed.

As far as the quality of Canadian Club 100 proof, I have no idea how much it costs, it was free for me! (that is the best kind of alcohol, IMHO)

Thanks again!

Give it to me!

You know what else whiskey is good in? Iced tea! (Some sugar for the tea is recommended.)

Sounds like CC is kinda like Old Grand-Dad. Their regular bottling is paint thinner, but the 100 proof Bottled-In-Bond is a pretty nice sipping whisky.

Is Jack Daniels a whiskey?