what to do with black caviar? (lumpfish roe)

On a whim* I bought a small jar of black lumpfish roe – one of the more accessible and less-expensive types of caviar. I know it’s not the creme de la creme, but it’s pretty good! I opened it last night, and so now that it’s opened I have to consume it fairly soon. (Jar says 5 days … I might give it a week, tops, but that’s it.)

So far, I have enjoyed the following recipe:

  1. Insert spoon into jar.
  2. Insert spoon into mouth.
  3. Repeat as needed.
    What? It’s a good recipe! :smiley: But, what else should I do with it? Note that I’ll be eating it by myself, so I’m not really looking for multi-serving things like you’d make for party appetizers. But I’d like some suggestions or ideas for doing … something :dubious: with it.
  • I had some sushi and it re-awakened in me a craving to consume as much salty and/or fatty fish and fish-type stuff as I could cram into my mouth. I may be undergoing a metamorphosis into a grizzly bear.

It’s not at all unusual for it to be served/eaten straight up - otherwise I’d keep it simple and classic…blini/crepes, sour cream/crème fraîche, caviar.

My mother would take a Wheat Thin, put a small amount of sour cream on it, and top with caviar. I could eat those by the plateful.

Breakfast: Bagel, cream cheese, caviar.

Lunch: Tomato soup with an island of caviar and crème fraiche and a sprinkling of fresh dill

Dinner: Baked eggs with caviar (saffron tomato sauce or vodka sauce in bottom of casserole - break eggs in and bake until nearly set. Add fresh ground telicherry pepper and caviar - bake just until warmed and eggs “done” as you define it.)

Snack: sliced cantaloupe with muenster and caviar.

Deviled eggs. No, we’re not deviling the caviar eggs. Just make your normal deviled eggs recipe and then put a little bit of the caviar on top. You can put as much or as little as you want on there, but it doesn’t take much to add that nice little salty addition. Added benefit: most kids will avoid them, which means the adults at a party can finally get their share of the appetizers.

Caviar Pie!!

I’ve been wanting to make deviled eggs anyway, but this is an extra-good reason to do so! Bonus: no kids, so it’s ALL FOR ME OMNOMNOM.

Lovely serving idea! While it might be a teeeeeheeeeeeeny tad much for one person, I have to thank you for the link because it took me to some other nice ideas and recipes, especially the potato cups (hash browns baked in muffin tins and then filled.)

Toast points loaded with caviar. I personally prefer lots of butter on the toast, and I like to sprinkle a few drops of lemon juice over the whole thing. Add some thin slices of smoked salmon and it’s pure heaven!

I also made pasta once with a garlicky cream sauce and caviar stirred in. Yum-O!

Pancakes with sour cream and caviar, deviled eggs, with smoked salmon, with sliced lobster tails, topped on hard pistacio ice creaam or gellato.

My mother did this too, but she added a squeeze of lemon.

Baked potato - get one of the really lovely large smooth skinned Idaho bakers, do it up just right. Split it like normal, dollop in sour cream, sprinkle a good pinch of coarse sea salt, a few grinds of black pepper and blop on a tablespoon or so of caviar. If you have any truffle oil, mix a few drops into the sour cream.

ISTM that butter, sour cream, etc. take away from the caviar. (The cheap black lumpfish kind you get in most supermarkets benefits from that! :stuck_out_tongue: ) For good caviar, I prefer to eat it on dry toast.

I used to go to Gorky’s (‘Good food at working people’s prices’) in downtown L.A. when it existed. They garnished their omelettes with sour cream and caviar.

So you’re saying I shouldn’t have eaten the whole thing?

Small tip about eating caviar–don’t touch it with metal utensils.

For whatever reason, if caviar touches metal, it can get this weird metallic taste to it within a day. You’re better off using plastic or glass. (IIRC, old cookbooks and such suggested that you use a glass spoon to serve caviar.)

Gold or Silver plated utensils?

Maybe it was gold plated, I think the salt tarnishes the silver and other metals resulting in metallic taste.