What to do with my hair?

Saturday is Junior Prom. Although I am not a junior, my boyfriend is, so we’re going. I have a beautiful dress (It’s floor length and blue, with very very sheer black tulle and black beaded flowers and cut low in the back), a shawl-thing, the purse, and the shoes. I only have one more thing that I have to decide on: My hair. I don’t know what style to go with.

I have very thick, curly brown hair that goes down to about mid-back. I was thinking it would look very pretty in a mass of curls on the back of my head, with ringlets around my face. However, using bobby pins in my hair results in me having to push them back into my head every 2 minutes. Also, we’re going bowling with some friends of ours before hand, so I would like a style that will actually be able to make it to the dance. So I have 2 questions for you:

  1. If I do do the aforementioned hairstyle, how would I do that? And what could I use instead of bobby pins?

  2. Do you have any other ideas of what might look pretty for my hair?

Thanks a bunch!

~ monica

Bobby pins are a pain.

You could use a scrunchy to make a kind of loose bun up at the crown of your head. This would be kind of informal, not glamorous, but if it was done right would result in:

(a) lots of curly tendrils loose around your face, which looks very feminine;
(b) would stay in place reasonably well, and if it started getting too loose you could go to the bathroom, yank the scrunchy out, brush the hair, put the scrunchy back in, and go back to dance some more; and
© the scrunchy is gentle on your hair.

You could dress it up with those little butterfly pins and stuff, if you wanted.

Have fun.

I have long, straight hair (down to my butt), and regular hair pins just don’t hold.

Go to a beauty supply store and look for pair pins shaped like this . These aren’t the exact ones I was looking for, but this is the shape you want. I think goody makes some, maybe scuni as well. Because of the bent nature, they seem to hold pretty well.

As for a suggestion, since you have curly hair, this might work.
Go to a craft shop, and buy some thin (maybe 1/4 inch) ribbon that compliments a color in your dress. Plan for about 2 feet per each one of these you want to do.

Pull your hair back into a ponytail, leaving as much free around your face and nape as you want. Secure your ponytail with a good, strong holder, and then wrap it with some ribbon to hide the holder. Pick out individual curls, and tie the ribbon aorund them, halfway up, letting it dangle free.

Once you have as many of these as you want, you can secure them back up under your ponytail with a barrette. Since your hair is curly, you should be able to disguise the pulled up curls.

You can also make the ribbons curly by wrapping them around a round plastic something (a marker for instance) and spraying them with a stiffener. Hairspray works as well.

You can also just pull the crown of your hair back, and then put the ribbons in the curls, instead of a complete ponytail.

Have a great time at your prom, whatever you do.

Those are hair pins.

If you get the really thin ones, you can insert them and bend them to hold.
I got some at target.

It helps me to use a lot of products:
mouse and then a mess o’ hair spray.

Sounds like your hair is very similar to mine. Please bear with my horrible description, but for my high school graduation, I had the front portion of my hair (except for a couple of tendrils around my face) pulled back and pinned at the crown of my head, with the rest left down. The result was a mass of curls tumbling down my back. My hair was pinned back with bobby pins, but I had it done by a stylist.

Hope this helps, and have a great time at your prom!

Oh yeah, I just have to add that I did use a lot of mousse and hairspray - it lasted through dinner, dancing, post-grad party and crashing into bed at 5 am. My parents were even able to get me to dress up again and take more pictures when I woke up the day after grad!