What to feed someone with strep throat?

The SO has it, and can’t swallow much. Maybe a little liquid, barely.

I was thinking chicken soup, and then strain the solids out.

Any other ideas?

We’ve got some protein/nutrition-type drinks, but that’s apparently not appetizing.

I’ve only had strep throat once, many many years ago. All I remember is everything I swallowed felt like broken glass, and can’t remember what was swallow-able.

the last time i had strep throat, my favorite thing to do was to cook white rice in chicken broth (I like safeway organic or wolfgang puck broth). I would use way too much broth for the amount of rice, and cook the rice til it was super mushy. It felt good going down (warm and soothing), and had just enough flavor to make it palatable.

Ice cream.

I preferred chocolate milkshakes, which can be thinned if necessary. They numbed my throat, and were a bit of a psychological boost, as well, because I don’t normally have them, so it felt like a treat.

Barring that, I drank vegetable broth from a mug.

I do the same thing, but with pastina instead of rice. Slides right down, and makes you feel like you’re at least eating something. Sometimes, I liked to chop carrots really really small and put those in too. If you chop them small enough and simmer it long enough, they don’t feel chunky or lumpy. It tastes yummy, and makes you feel like you’re eating something that might even be a little bit nutritious.

Yogurt with active cultures and pro-biotics, because if he is gonna pop antibiotics, he is gonna wipe out a bunch of nice bacteria that are essential to digestion.

Plus, it’s yummy and smooth. :slight_smile:

We have ice cream.

I might try the chicken soup broth, and try using some of it with the mushy rice idea.

I’ll keep the pastina idea in mind for tomorrow, when I go to the store. I have some Orzo, I suppose I could try that.

Good idea about the yogurt.

I remember cold things feeling a bit soothing whenever I had strep: yogurt, smoothies, pudding, jell-o. Pretty much things which you can just kind of pour down your throat, because anything with anything remotely like an edge is going to be unappealing.

Yogurt is good. Those diet shakes (SlimFast and the like) are good too, because they are easy to swallow and they’re meant to substitute for eating a meal – they have a lot of vitamins.

Ask the doc to phone you in a scrip for lidocaine gargle to the pharmacy. It numbs things up for about 10 minutes, enough to scarf down some sustenance without too much extra pain.

If the SO is already on ABO’s, the pain should start subsiding in less than 48 hours. (in my experience - I had strep last year.)

Here’s to feeling better!

Stay away from caffeine, too! Just causes more throbbing and increases chance of dehydration.

I had strep twice a year for many years when I was a kid. I pretty much did not eat anything because I didn’t feel like it.

I did eat popsicles, tho. I’d…well, I’d deep-throat them to numb my tonsils. It worked and it was flavorful!

I used to get strep every 6 months. It SUCKED.

I liked hot salty things and cold creamy things. Liptons cup of soup is good, chocolate ice cream is good.

Gargling with warm salt water is DISGUSTING, but it does really help.

I still refuse to do it, though.

As others said, shakes and broth. And 48 hours til feel better time. Strep sucks!

Huh- my SOs got it too…

I’ve been giving him soup, turkey & gravy and protein shakes. If he gives me strep in return, I’ll kill him (this is my second night on the couch, trying to avoid his germs).

Orzo is too big. The pastina is really tiny, so when you boil it for a long time, it ends up like a mush. A yummy mush.

My 3 year old has had strep 4 or 5 times since the summer. Yogurt and sherbet are his hands down favorite foods when his throat is sore. . . I think because they are easy to swallow and feel cool on the throat. If you want extra nutrition you can puree a banana, some yogurt, and some milk or juice together in a blender for quick and easy smoothies, too.

Sorbet as an alternative to ice cream - in case the dairy causes increased mucus, or coats the throat unpleasantly, or whatever. The cold is what feels good on the throat, so it should do as well.

Guess I’d suggest avoiding strawberry / raspberry sorbet in case the seeds are irritating though.

i also used to get strep every 6 months, until i had my tonsils out a couple years ago. i’ve been entirely strep-free since (and really, barely a scratchy throat at all…)

but back on topic, gargling with warm salt water is absolutely repulsive. i tried to get on that kick but couldn’t manage more than once or twice. i used to eat a lot of clear soups, jello and rice pudding. i’ll tell you something that’s not good to eat when you have strep throat: a chipotle barbacoa burrito. nosirree, not a good idea.

When you wake up choking on your own mucus, the warm salt-water gargles suddenly become much more appealing…