What's good to eat when...

You have a massively sore throat?

I can’t yell, can barely even talk, and swallowing (even saliva) is excruciating. Chloraseptic helps for all of five minutes (which was enough to get me to sleep last night, but won’t help long run).

I gotta eat, but swallowing hurts. For some reason warm green beans seemed to help last night. Any suggestions as to what I should eat, what I should avoid, while I’m still sick like this? Vitamins etc are fine, but a girl’s gotta EAT.


Popsicles seemed to work well when my kids had sore throats.

Have you checked with a doctor yet? If it’s a strep infection, you may need some antibiotics.

::Unbuckling pants::

I got something for you to eat!
I’m sorry. I just couldn’t let anybody else get that in.

Grandma’s recipe:
Equal parts of warmed brandy (cognac works too), lemon juice & honey.

sip it.

Hope it works!

Grandma’s recipe:
Equal parts of warmed brandy (cognac works too), lemon juice & honey.

sip it.

Hope it works!

This might double post- frozen computer…

gargle warm salt water every half an hour or so, as far back in your throat as you can manage. Drink hot, sweet beverages. Avoid milk-based drinks. Lots and lots of water.

I always hated that Chloraseptic stuff. I use sore throat lozenges - usually the NICE brand. Also, Throat Coat tea is really good, as is any hot tea. I like the brandy idea, too. Might not cure the sore throat, but maybe will make you not notice it as much…

Just had a nasty bout with Strep myself in April. At the time I found the salt water trick to be worthless. I finally went to the Doctor and got hooked up with some meds.

In the past I have found “Fisherman’s Friend” coughdrops to work fantastic for a sore throat. Not the best taste in the world but they work AWESOME!!! However I have not found any locally for some time now so that may be a bad sign.

My vote see the Doctor and get the Rapid Strep and the regular Strep culture done. The rapid strep comes back in like 15 minutes but sometimes gives a negative result because it only detects one of the two kinds of strep. The regular will be the definitive answer but takes a day. My rapid strep came back negative last time but the regular culture damn near required the National Guard to be called in to save the town.

Sounds like a trip to the doctor would be the best thing.

In the meantime, have some soup to relieve the soreness for a while. Especially chicken soup. :slight_smile: If you can’t handle noodles or anything solid, just go with broth.

Ice cream. Pudding. Applesauce. Jello. That’s pretty much what I lived on after oral surgery when I couldn’t chew, with occasional bowls of Cream of Wheat.

Is it true that you are supposed to only gargle the salt water in your mouth? I was once told by two friends that I am supposed to drink it all down (warm). Afterwards, when I told other’s how disgusting it tasted, they laughed it off saying “you are only supposed to gargle it”.

Heath & Heather Lemon-Lime tea, with honey. And hot sourdough bread with the crusts cut off.

Heh. For those who suggested bread or cream-of-wheat… I can’t eat wheat :wink:

However, I did see the doctor today. I have laryngitis. It looks like I won’t be able to talk for a few days (or more) yet. annoyed whisper (can’t groan, can’t get any sound out above a whisper).

Any suggestions, given that? :slight_smile:


Cream of quinoa?

I seem to be famous for soar throats. When I get one, I REALLY get one. I’ve tried just about every lozenge and throat spray on the market. If you can find Cepastat lozenges, they are about the best I’ve found. They numb your tongue up a bit too, but they do wonders on the throat.
If you’re a drinker, I’d also recommend a hot buttered rum or two… or five…

If the warm beans help, go for it. It’s better than eating nothing

To soothe the throat:
Hot lemonade (water, lemons, and honey).
Gargling whiskey. Hurts like hell for a minute, but then it’s blissfully numb. Also kills tonsil pustules - it has cured many a bout of early tonsillitis for me.
Popscicles (or frozen fruit juice).

Get some rest and get well soon.