What to make out of 4 bowling pins?

I have 4 bowling pins. I have a sister-in-law who loves to bowl. What can I make out of these bowling pins for a present to her? I’ve seen bowling pins painted to look like odd characters, but I don’t like them very much. I’m thinking of something that would be on display outdoors. My sister-in-law has a very good sense of humor, but she also has good taste, so it shouldn’t be too tacky. She has a very nice, small terraced front yard that is on display, and a private back yard where more embarassing things could go. I don’t have to use all 4 bowling pins. I have another sister-in-law (possibly 2) who also is a bowler, so I could use 1 or 2 pins per SIL, or all 4 pins on one.

First thing that comes to mind, if they match and are in reasonably good shape, is a side or end table, preferably with a glass top.

Two end table lamps.

Cut the other two in half vertically for some pretty sweet bookends.

I have a cribbage board that is made from a bowling pin that was cut in half vertically.

Grab some adhesive and cover them with something to give it a different texture. E.g. sand.

Or just paint them a solid color and take a minimal artistic approach. A solid black pin would look neat, imo.

Go tohe harware store and pick up a short 4 by 4 and 4 headless bolts. Cut the lumber at abot 4 inches so you have a cube and paint it white. Sink the bolts on 4 sides of the cube and then attach the pins to those.

Give it to your sister and tell her it’s her very own bowling pin ninja star. She can put on some spandex and go fight crime with it.
On a slightly more serious note, you could cut two of them in half for NSEW, use one for the base, and the mount the 4th on a swivel to make a goofy weather vane.

Hmm. The table idea sounds promising. It could make a good patio table. I’d have to go with a wood top as I can’t think of any way to attach the pins to glass without stressing the attachment points too much. Actually, I don’t know how I would attach them to a wood top, either. Because the tops of the pins are rounded, the connection point would be very weak and they would tend to wobble over time.

Rubber washers hold most glass table tops. You’d screw the pins to a wood base (you’d need at least three, so the other sister would need to get a lamp) from the bottom, and attach rubber washers to the top, then add the glass.

I like the lamp idea.

‘Lamp’ was the first thing I thought upon reading the title.

A lamp is the only thing that came to mind. The next thing to come to mind is a leg lamp like in the movie. Then there was the deer hooves lamps in Al Capone’s northern hideout that seem to be in the same class.

I was thinking dolls, but you said you didn’t like the odd character idea.

Go to the Goodwill and find a copy of Juggling for Dummies, and package them together.

That’s really funny. Too bad they’re a lot heavier than you’d imagine.

A lamp is a really good idea. My sister-in-law actually really does need a tabletop reading lamp. I’m afraid a bowling pin lamp might be a little too tacky for her tastes. If she had a den or rec room to use it in, it would be perfect. But if I were a really good artist, I could paint it to look tasteful. So far, nothing is coming to mind. I’ll ponder it for a while and look around online for ideas.

A robot friend.

They make great targets for pistol practice.

Meat tenderizing hammer

Cat on fence disperser

Spider wapper

Missile for potato gun

Cookie presser to flatten out balls of dough

Present for tailgater

A sex toy.



We were all thinking it.

Is her sister-in-law goatse?!