What to see/eat/drink in Baton Rouge?

I’ve got a work trip to Baton Rouge this week along with several coworkers. What are some good places to eat or visit? We’re staying downtown but will have a car so we can venture out. Also, good places to drink (and hopefully good music) at night downtown?

The Chimes is a good place to eat and drink. Website…. One of the locations, the original one, is right outside the LSU gates by Highland Road, not too far from downtown. The other place is further east. I miss their beer selection, beer mixes, and their Cajun crawfish pasta. :frowning:

The upper level of the LSU Museum of Art in downtown has, or use to have, a good sushi and bar place.

You can always have Raisin’ Canes, the local fried chicken finger joint.

Close by The Chimes is a local dine called Louie’s Cafe, if you want some grease after drinking.

I know when I was there, downtown area was dead, although there were starting to try to revitalize it. I don’t know how successful they have been.

If you’re a couple that has run out of money, legend has it that it is possible to hitchhike all the way to New Orleans. Apparently, you are expected to carry a harmonica to provide accompaniment while your partner sings all songs the driver may know.

Louie’s diner (if it still exists) is a fantastic greasy spoon by the north gate of LSU. Slinky’s is a cool, laid back bar nearby.