What to Wear to an Afternoon Fall Wedding???

I am clueless!

The wedding is at 3 or 3:30 this Saturday, and I haven’t figured out what’s appropriate. All of the weddings I’ve been to so far have been spring/summer affairs.

Pants? Skirt? Dress?

Are summery/pastel colors still “OK”? Or do I need to switch to darker fall tones?

My hubby plans on wearing his suit, so he can take off his jacket if necessary, but I’m just not sure what I should wear. I plan on staying away from red because that’s what the bridesmaids are wearing. Or would it be OK to wear red?


Or should I just call and ask?

If it were me, navy blue, tea length, and maybe a hat.

I was married October 18 seven years ago. And I happen to have just been to a wedding last Saturday. I’ll tell you what my wife and I wore.

I wore my Light brown Suit, earthy suede shirt, and an nice aztec tie with browns, blacks, burgundy’s in it. My wife wore a ankle length dress with paisley browns, blacks, oranges with a earthy cotton shawl.

So I’d say earthen tones are best!

Well, I hit my favorite second-hand store tonight and bought a plaid skirt in shades of gray with black and white and a black knit top to go with it. Plaid’s the thing right now, you know. :smiley: I’ve got black leather loafers, purse, and jacket to tie it all together.

I was going to go for a lovely brown plaid skirt, but it was too small. Damned lack of tags!

Thanks for your help!

I’ve never had a problem with too-small skirts.

LOL - not too short, too small. As in, couldn’t button or zip the damned thing all the way up. I would’ve been in pain if I’d bought that one!