What Topical Joke Has Been Recycled Most Times?

It goes without saying that, within days after any disaster or horrible story is reported, there’ll will be bad jokes circulating about it.

Lately, I’ve seen this one posted all over the place:

Q: Why do priests hang out at Wal-Mart?
A: The sign says “Boys’ Pants Are Half Off.”

Now, that’s not really a new joke- it’s an old Michael Jackson joke re-phrased to take advantage of recent scandals in the Catholic Church. And that got me to wondering…

What jokes have been recycled and re-tailored to fit some NEW news story? How many different times have you heard it recycled?

How about “If President [insert name here] did to his wife what he’s been doing to the country, we’d all be happier.”? It gets recycled with every president.